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    So I am wondering if indicating that you intend to apply for need-base financial aid at the school you want to transfer to will hurt your chances of getting in? I know that for Brown, on their transfer website they state that “Financial aid for transfer applicants is limited.” but what exactly does that mean for me as an applicant? If I do receive financial aid, should I expect it to be a lot less than what I am receiving at my current school? Should I start saving up now?

    here’s no way that I’d be able to afford any college without financial assistance. Does any one have any experience with this? At Brown or at any other four year school?

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    First, sorry for taking so long to reply! Our goal when we started this site was to answer every question posed here within a day or two and so far we’ve failed pretty miserably at that, but we’re cycling through everything now. If this isn’t in time to help you, hopefully it will help someone else that reads this. Again, apologies.

    So to answer your question there are two separate issues here:

    1. Need-blind vs. need-aware admissions: Unlike it’s process for freshman applicants, the student’s ability to pay is taken into consideration when Brown decides whether or not a transfer applicant will be admitted. Our experience is that, yes, it does hurt your chances if you’ll need a lot of money to attend Brown, but they do consider everything else as well. If you’re someone that will make a big impact at Brown but can’t pay as much, they’ll debate over how much they want you at the school.

    2. Full-financial need met vs. not necessarily: Also, yes, financial aid is more limited for transfer students vs. freshman applicants, where Brown offers very generous packages and certain guarantees. For example, for freshmen, if the total parent income is less than 100k/year, an accepted Brown student will be given enough grant money such that they don’t have to take out any loans.

    All Brown is saying is that they can’t guarantee the same level of financial aid for transfers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your financial aid package will be dramatically worse.

    Probably the best thing to do in this case is to try and call the office of financial aid, say you were hoping to get some more color about the financial aid policies for transfers, and ask them (if you do, let us know what they say here!).

    Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any more questions! Hopefully also someone familiar with Brown’s policies can chime in.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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