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    Anneshirley present, and I have a question hopefully you may be able to answer. This is related to Finical Aide. I have applied to CSU’s UC’s and private schools (Stanford, SCU LMU, Mills, USF) and already I have been accepted into two universities. When would it be too late to apply for a FAFSA to the university?

    My concern is: I have not fully committed myself to any of the schools that have accepted me because I am still waiting for decisions from the other universities. However, the schools that have accepted me would like to know my intent to register and FAFSA around the time the private universities will be giving out decisions. Is it possible to apply for more than one FAFSA for each university?

    What would your advise be if I accept two or three schools as a backup? Can I later back out if I get accepted into my top choice?

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    Chris Goodmacher

    Hey Anne!

    First, congratulations! Second, submit a FAFSA for every school you’re applying to, no matter what, as early as possible (more money is available earlier in the year). I’m not sure why you would need to do multiple FAFSAs for a university? Sending a FAFSA has nothing to do with committing or enrolling, it’s just part of applying. Everyone should do it for every application.

    Politely tell the universities that are taking longer to complete their decisions that other schools you’ve been accepted into want to know your decision soon. You may get an early answer from them. Do this POLITELY (no “I got into these other places, so are you going to make up your mind” kind of thing, but we know you wouldn’t do that anyway).

    If you have to give an answer to the other schools, but they don’t require a non-refundable deposit, just tell them you intend to enroll (which you do, since they’re you’re only option for now right?). Then if you get in elsewhere, just tell them your plans changed.

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    Alright Chris,

    I appreciate your time!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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