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    I’m currently a senior in high school applying to colleges and have already made the decision to transfer when in college. My freshman year I had good grades, around a 3.4. Then sophomore and junior year I slacked off and got around a 3.0 both years. Last year I even got a C- in my Honors Pre Calculus class. However, over the summer, a good friend of mine passed away tragically, which brought me back to reality and so far I’ve been getting close to all A’s senior year and will continue to do so. I will be attending at least a top 50 USNWS university next year, but I know I can do much better. I plan on majoring in psychology (which I have and A+ in now) and am going pre-med.
    I was wondering if I could possibly get accepted to Vanderbilt transferring into sophomore year or hopefully Penn, Northwestern, or any other Ivy League school transferring into junior year if I keep up my A’s and get really involved in college. I was also wondering what I could do this summer that could strengthen my application.

    CUM GPA- 3.1 (6 APs total, Senior year 3 APs and almost all As)
    SAT- 2180 (1490)
    ECs- Varsity Tennis, Student Gov’t, Founder and President of a club, Hopital volunteer, Library volunteer… lots of community service and leadership.

    Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I forgot to mention that I have a good amount of legacy at Penn since both my parents attended and my father also went to Penn Med, if legacy even helps with transfer admissions.

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