How to address C+/low grade?

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    How much of a red flag is C+? How can I mitigate the impact such a grade has on my application. I’m a student looking to transfer to either Michigan, UVa, or NYU. I was previously accepted to NYU, but attended my current state flagship due to finances. I’m double majoring in math and physics. I’ve done well in all my math classes- it’s my primary major, but I did receive a B- and C+ in two of my physics classes (I’ve took 6 in total). These grades were in physics classes that were 300 and 400 level, and I definitely underestimated the workload. I did take two 400 level physics classes after these two, and received As in both them. I took the C+ and B- classes during my second semester. Due to these classes, my second semester gpa was a 3.01. My first semester was a 3.85, my second a 3.01, and my third semester I just finished was a 4.0. My cumulative is a 3.64. How much will the C+ and B- hurt? I’ve took more difficult courses in both majors and done well. I have two professors from both departments who are willing to write my recs as well. I also ended being a physics tutor to improve my understanding of the subject. I’ve been taking 18-20 credits a semester, i.e. 5 classes and 1 seminar. I’m active on campus, an officer for two clubs, and do research as well. Do I still have a shot?

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