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    Hi, my name is Mitchell and I am a freshman at Santa Monica College in California. I am taking 12-15 units this semester (15 if I am able to get the class I’m crashing) and I was wondering if I take 15-18 units next semester that I will be have a strong chance of being able to transfer by Fall 2013. Some of the universities I am interested in are NYU, Emerson, Chapman, and Boston University, but I am open to any universities as long as they have good film programs. Thank you

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    Chris Goodmacher

    Unless you’re set on pursuing a transfer agreement with another school to increase your odds of getting in (like for example one of the California community college to CSU/UC agreements), you’re actually completely free to apply to transfer to any college at any point in time.

    The only issues you really need to worry about are the normal ones with any application: your grades, your ECs, your letters of rec, your reasons for transferring, etc.

    Hope that helps! Post any follow-ups!

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    I want to know whether I should complete some credits to transfer to other colleges? If so, how many credits do I need usually? Thanks for your answers.

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