Transfer Admission Criteria

How to Research Transfer Admission Criteria

In our last blog entry, we provided some specific details about transfer requirements at different schools. How did we find all that info? Research! It’s not hard. With just a few minutes of online research you can find out what schools expect from you as a transfer applicant. Say you’re interested in transferring to the University of Pittsburgh. Do you have what it takes to be a competitive transfer candidate?

  • Go to
  • Click on “Admissions”
  • Click on “Undergraduate”
  • Click on “Transfer Admissions” (bottom left of page)
  • General information on transfer requirements is provided. For specifics on GPA requirements, click on “Transfer Credit/GPA Guidelines” (in the second paragraph)

Ta-da! Now you know what the school expects from you. Many schools have a similar site set-up. You can follow pretty much the same steps to learn about other schools.

Disclosure: Using these steps, what you find will usually be called “guidelines” and they are just that. Absolutes are rare when it comes to admission criteria. Each applicant is evaluated on an individual basis, so don’t panic if you’re 0.06 points away from the minimum GPA!

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