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A guitar is a beautiful thing, but, it can’t play music alone. It needs you. And while a guitar is only as good as its master, the master can always improve. And, I hope to teach you a few tips here today about improving yourself fast and easy (and not to mention, fun!). Can give you an advise – if you need some education work about music or near, contact this guys –

The first thing you need to do is find a reason to keep playing. Is it for fun? Is it to become more technically adept? Learn a million songs and play at parties? Pick up girls (or guys)? What?

So, this is your first tip: exploit your reason to play. The goal here is to get you spending more time doing something you love to do. If you just want to have fun, then me suggesting scales and rhythm exercises is gonna turn you off. So have fun! Learn cool tunes, grab a beer and invite a buddy over to jam.

Speaking of buddies, perhaps you should consider how many friends you have that are musicians. Most people know a few right off the top of their head, but you should know a bunch more than that. In fact, you should have a massive list of musician friends ready to hang out and play guitar with at a moment’s notice.

Why? Because you should always try to improve yourself by playing with musicians who are different or better than you. Everyone knows that art isn’t created in a bubble. It takes inspiration, some background and, sometimes, a gentle push by a more talented musician.

The last suggestion I’ll give is a little bizarre and non-obvious, but let me try to get through it in a way that isn’t crazy.

So, you know how to speak, write and read. You can spontaneously create new sentences, paragraphs and even whole novels on a whim, most of them never heard before. And, you probably don’t think much of it. This is everyday stuff.

Well, I implore you to use the same sort of ability you already possess to restructure language and use it to restructure music. In short, learn to abstract every concept, chord, lick or note away from the context you learned if for. This will teach you that you can remix and reuse everything you’ve ever learned in new and interesting ways. The possibilities are endless, and if that doesn’t excite you, then… what will?

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