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What Are the Basic Purposes of Writing a Case Study?
A case study can be written about almost anything: an event that has occurred in history, a product you’ve used, a service provided by a company for its customers. It’s all up to the person who is writing it. For instance, the Datavast Inc case study has specific purposes that might be different from other organizations.
Some people believe that every time they are writing, they are telling a story. So if you’re not trying to tell a story when writing something, then what are you trying to do?

Many different functions of writing will serve specific purposes. Like teaching or informing an audience on certain subject matter or topics. Even demonstrating events through storytelling purpose.
For example, filmography may involve writing case studies about events taking place which audiences can follow and understand easily due to the brevity of storytelling presentations with carefully selected dialogue, this makes this type of writing a useful tool for academics and media professionals alike.