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  • Want to Transfer to Columbia University? Tips on Recommendation Letters

      We attended an admissions information session at Columbia University this summer and got insider’s information from an admissions officer, who had completed his undergraduate studies at Columbia. Some of his most insightful advice was about letters of recommendation, and we’re paraphrasing them here with some additional tips and revisions geared toward transfer applications. Ask professors that like […]

  • Navigating College Transfer Credits

    We’re a few weeks into the new school year, and some of you freshmen or sophomores out there are already considering transferring. It’s good to get an early start! Looking ahead, one major consideration is whether the classes you’re taking will transfer over to your new, future college. Not getting enough transfer credits could add […]

  • College Transfer Story: Family Matters

    by Rose Pallone In April 2012, I got an email from the University of St Andrews in Scotland admitting me as a second-year transfer student in English Literature and Art History. I remember calling my mom, crying, to tell her the fantastic news. Her response was “Oh” followed by prolonged silence. I was more than […]

  • Transfer Admissions Rates For US News 2014 Added

    We’ve just added the recently released Fall 2012 transfer admissions numbers for some of the top schools in the US (the “2014” Top 50 National Universities according to US News). These are the stats for students who applied to transfer and start Fall 2012 term. (US News releases its Top 50 every September, based on […]

  • College Transfer Q&A: What Extracurricular Activities Should I Do? – Part 1

    College Transfer Q&A: What Extracurricular Activities Should I Do? – Part 1

    This article was written by Vince Lauer. Question: What kinds of extracurricular activities will make me stand out as I apply to transfer to the college or university of my choice? Answer: Nowadays, as transfer applications become more competitive and more complex, colleges are looking for more than good grades and impressive standardized exam scores. […]