Transfer Acceptance Rates at US News Top 50

Students Entering Fall 2020*

US News rankCollegeTransfer rateTransfers appliedTransfers accepted
1Princeton University1.7%90515
2.1Columbia University10.1%2222224
2.2Harvard University1.2%137617
2.3Massachusetts Institute of Technology3.1%67321
5Yale University1.7%131122
6.1Stanford University3.9%221686
6.2University of Chicago21.2%679144
8University of Pennsylvania7.9%2506197
9.1California Institute of Technology5.2%965
9.2Duke University5.5%127470
9.3Johns Hopkins University7.1%1526109
9.4Northwestern University15.4%2434375
13Dartmouth College28.6%27378
14.1Brown University3.5%229381
14.2Vanderbilt University36.8%1738640
14.3Washington University in St. Louis26.4%1108292
17.1Cornell University18.4%4740872
17.2Rice University12.4%816101
19University of Notre Dame43.5%734319
20University of California, Los Angeles24.5%261276396
21Emory University32.6%1368446
22University of California, Berkeley20.6%204434212
23.1Georgetown University14.1%2195310
23.2University of Michigan, Ann Arbor45.8%45132066
25.1Carnegie Mellon University8.2%99982
25.2University of Virginia40.4%29701200
27University of Southern California26.8%88462368
28.1New York University41.5%79063279
28.2Tufts University28.0%1063298
28.3University of California, Santa Barbara59.3%1898411250
28.4University of Florida42.9%59312546
28.5University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill44.6%32891468
28.6Wake Forest University22.7%26961
34.1University of California, San Diego55.9%2112311816
34.2University of Rochester46.3%806373
36.1Boston College23.7%1589376
36.2University of California, Irvine11.2%242142723
38.1Georgia Institute of Technology38.3%2253862
38.2University of California, Davis55.4%178409876
38.3University of Texas at Austin32.4%69252241
38.4William & Mary60.1%766460
42.1Boston University53.7%51642773
42.2Brandeis University32.4%629204
42.3Case Western Reserve University33.5%570191
42.4Tulane University25.8%1221315
42.5University of Wisconsin, Madison51.9%35251830
47University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign47.3%42542012
48University of Georgia79.0%25251995
49.1Lehigh University29.5%555164
49.2Northeastern University48.4%30991499

Data sources:,, school websites

*Some notes:

Why Fall 2020? US News releases its Top 50 every September, based on information from the previous fall. So these transfer stats for students transferring and starting school Fall 2020 is for the US News Top 50 rankings released September 2020.

Why these schools? They happen to be the Top 50 National Universities according to US News. We wanted a sampling of the most popular schools that students might be curious about. Keep in mind there are about 2,500 four-year colleges in the US.

As with all statistics, take them with a grain of salt. The numbers change each year, and, if you can make a strong case for transferring, your odds will be much better than what you see here (and, of course, the opposite is true too).