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  • Dartmouth Stresses Importance of Maintaining College Transfer Program

    The Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at Dartmouth College considers transfer students to be the kinds of students the College wants to have in its community, according to a recent article in The Dartmouth, the College’s student newspaper. Although transfer admissions (along with freshman admissions) continue to grow in competitiveness, Dartmouth’s message generally seems […]

  • College Transfer Story: Family Matters

    by Rose Pallone In April 2012, I got an email from the University of St Andrews in Scotland admitting me as a second-year transfer student in English Literature and Art History. I remember calling my mom, crying, to tell her the fantastic news. Her response was “Oh” followed by prolonged silence. I was more than […]

  • Strategy for the College Transfer Application

    One of our readers has posted his/her strategy for putting together the best possible college transfer application and asked us for feedback. Here, I walk through the strategy, responding to the reader and highlighting the positive aspects as well as areas that can be improved upon. Let’s begin with what the reader says: I’m going […]

  • Should I Transfer Out of My College?

    Should I Transfer Out of My College?

    We hear a lot of great questions and stories in our forums.  We would like to highlight one thread that might be helpful to students who are deciding whether they should transfer out of their current college or university: Student: I’m currently a freshman at Spelman College, and I am thinking about transferring after this […]

  • Transferring to Stanford: Why and How?

    Transferring to Stanford: Why and How?

    The decision to transfer is a very personal one, but it’s without a doubt one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Just how did I come to the decision to transfer, and what were my next moves after I made that decision? In this article, Chris (co-founder of TransferWeb) interviews me, […]