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    Heme Iron Polypeptide The two men who drew their swords did not move, the tip of their swords hung down quietly, and their eyes stared at their opponents without blinking. Huang Yu’s subordinates are very calm standing in the distance to watch, and Lang Hua at the moment is also very calm standing in the wind silently watching. The wind stopped, the thunder stopped quietly, and the two men did not move, but there was a breath of collapse around them, and there was a danger of landslides and cracks at a touch. Boom! Suddenly there was a very clear cracking sound in the mountains, which shocked all the silent people. Dongtaoye’s calmness, which had been tempered by the danger of life and death, came into play at this moment. He seized the opportunity of Huangyu’s flash in an instant to act, but instead of rushing to his opponent Huangyu, he retreated rapidly, stretched out his long arm, picked up Langhua and sank into the dark mountain forest. The change was as quick as lightning, and all the people came to their senses, and their eyes were empty. Huang Yu looked at the opposite empty, can not help laughing, “this is some meaning, ha ha.” I haven’t hunted for a long time. You can go hunting with the king. As soon as the words fell, he dodged and flew into the mountains, and his subordinates quickly followed. The night is dark,D BHB Factory, the mountain forest is darker, basically the eyes can not see things, which I do not know how many crises are hidden, but Lang Hua is not afraid at this moment, even happy. She knew that the man who held her hand tightly was a warrior, the kind of warrior who would not retreat even if he died in an equal battle, but now he gave up fighting for her! It’s for her! It’s for her, Bai Langhua! In the dark,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, Lang Hua smiled happily, closed her eyes, clenched the hand of Dong Tao Ye, and kept running forward. She was willing to run into the abyss in front of her. The wind was blowing again, the trees were rustling, and sometimes there was a snapping sound of broken branches. Behind him there was the sound of a rustling wind, and there was a faint cry of “Imperial Rain!” She stumbled at her feet and threw herself on the back of Dongtaoye. Lang Hua. He called anxiously. Eldest brother My foot was crooked. Lang Hua gasped in the darkness. I’ll carry you. “No..” It’s nothing. Let’s run. Lang Hua stood upright. Uh East Tao Ye grabbed the delicate hand in the palm to hold her as far as possible and ran forward again. This is their only chance, this night, this mountain, this forest, this storm and thunder are all covering them, as long as they escape, they can survive. Consciousness seems to gradually leave the body, the only thing I know is to grasp the hands, the feet do not stop, the eyes gradually open, Lactoferrin Manufacturer ,Sex Enhancement Powder, faint light faintly visible. Boom! The sound of a broken porcelain jar suddenly sounded in the forest, followed by a slightly disappointed voice: “How can this jar of wine be so little?!” “Han Pu!” As soon as Lang Hua heard the voice, his whole body suddenly became strong. “Han Pu!” She called out, “Han Pu.” She’s not afraid of the pursuers, that man. That man will save them, and he will be like his sister! “Han Piao!”! I’m Lang Hua! Han Piao! Excited and eager cries echoed in the mountains and soon drowned in the wind and thunder. Huang Yu! There was also a call from far behind. Lang Hua did not care, ran all the way and shouted: “Han Pu!”! Han Piao! “What a noise!” With a lazy voice, a figure flew over the treetops, holding a jar of wine in one hand and a lamp in the other, no matter how wild the wind was, it did not shake. Han Piao! When Lang Hua saw him at the moment, he was as excited as if he had seen his relatives. He hurried to him and crossed the East Tao Ye. Stop screaming, it sounds terrible. Han Pu hung the lamp on the tree and jumped down, frowning at Lang Hua. Although the lamp was dim, it was enough for three people to see each other clearly. Han Pu, help me! Lang Hua’s face was pale, but his eyes were shining with joy. Lang Hua! You Hit by an arrow! Dong Tao Ye’s voice trembled a little, and what was shocking was the long arrow on Lang Hua’s back and the blood that soaked his clothes. I finally caught up. Huang Yu’s breath also has a trace of breathing. As soon as Han Pu looked at the bow in his hand, his eyes suddenly sparkled and he gnashed his teeth: “How dare you hurt the people my sister cares for!” At that moment, he drew his sword, and the dazzling light of the sword cut through the black veil of the night, piercing the imperial rain without hindrance. Emperor. Han Pu, stop! Xiao Xuekong, who was chasing him, was frightened by the overwhelming sword as soon as he arrived. Before he could think carefully, he flew to a stop. He quickly pulled out his sword and blocked Han Pu’s sword across the air. Ding! The swords crossed in midair and found a sharp and harsh sound, which woke up all the people and startled the people who crossed the swords. A frightened child who could only shout “Sister help” could now face him with a horizontal sword, while the other was amazed that he, the second in the world, could not defeat the enemy in one move. Huang Yu, who had almost escaped the disaster, came to his senses from the sword and said angrily, “Han Pu, do you know what you are doing?!” “Hum, I saw you doing bad things!” Han Pu snorted with a roar. Han Pu, don’t worry about this. Xiao Xuekong said. Hum. Han Pu snorted twice more, “I’m in charge of this!” “Han Pu, don’t help without distinguishing between right and wrong.” Huang Yu was even more angry by Han Pu’s humming. Who says I don’t know right from wrong? Han Pu rolled his eyes and squinted at Huang Yu. “First of all, this girl is the one my sister once took care of. For this reason, I can’t let you hurt her!”! Second, there are eight of you, but only two of them. It is your fault to bully the few with the many! Third, one of them is a delicate woman, one is seriously injured, you are eight strong men with strong martial arts skills, bullying the weak by the strong, is your fault! Hum! Am I wrong? “You..” Huang Yu was so angry that his eyes were red. Hum! I am not you! Han Pu snorted two more times, but he didn’t give people any room to answer. As soon as he raised his sword, he waved it to Huang Yu again. “You go quickly!” The latter sentence was said to Lang Hua and them. He East Tao Ye is still a little worried about Han Pu,Heme Iron Polypeptide, “and your injury.” “It’s okay.” Lang Hua interrupted him, pulled him up and ran, “the injury is not serious.” “You can’t go.” Xiao Xuekong rushed after him. Don’t go either. Han Pu’s sword turned a corner in front of Huang Yu and turned to Xiao Xuekong. Han Piao! Xiao Xuekong’s call has been a warning.