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    custom tailor tape Original Title: Omiko’s Independent R & D and Innovation in the Adhesive Field to Meet Customized Customer Needs Exhibitor profile Dongguan Aomico New Material Co., Ltd. is an adhesive product enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production and sales. We have been introducing advanced technology and equipment, have our own R & D center, based on independent R & D and innovation, and our products cover different substrates, different thicknesses and different release materials. A series of products with special functions such as shading,tailor measure tape, shielding, waterproof and shockproof, and viscosity difference between two sides have mature OEM and ODM operation modes to meet the customized needs of customers in different industries. Product Aspect Waterproof foam tape The waterproof foam tape is made of IXPE foam as the base material,bra tape measure, coated with adhesive on one or both sides and then attached with release paper. It has the functions of shock absorption and sealing, and has ultra-high and stable bonding performance. It provides reliable performance in the application of shock resistance and window warping of electronic products, and its waterproof performance can reach IPX7 level. It is widely used in electronic products, small household appliances, industrial instruments, computer peripherals, custom tailor tape ,keychain tape measure, audio-visual equipment and other applications requiring waterproof performance, as well as applications requiring earthquake resistance. Expand the full text Blackout tape The masking tape uses black matte or glossy pet film as the base material, coated with high-performance acrylic adhesive, attached to the pet release film matte black masking tape. The matte black shading adhesive tape has the advantages of excellent shading performance, strong pasting capability, anti-reverse warping, anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch and the like. It is widely used in touch screen, window, LCD and backlight fixation, display backlight module shading and edge wrapping process. PET red film adhesive tape PET red film adhesive tape model 5965RA is transparent in color and 0.205 mm in thickness. As a commonly used double-sided adhesive tape, it has excellent initial adhesion, holding adhesion and temperature resistance. It has strong adhesion to plastics, ABS and nameplates, especially to rough surfaces. Tape is widely used in electronic equipment, such as fixed installation, display screen and panel, backlight material pasting, nameplate, metal and plastic parts pasting and fixing, etc. Identify the two-dimensional code in the drawing Visit the exhibition now 2021 Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition 19-21 October Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Old Exhibition Hall of Futian District) Dongguan Aomico New Material Co.,bespoken tape measure, Ltd. Confirmed to participate in 2021 Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition Booth number: 9C01 More exhibitors, industry new products, look forward to your meeting in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian District Old Exhibition Hall) on October 19-21! Recommended reading List of selected exhibitors Frontier Forum Swipe left and right to see more Click “Read the original article” to get free tickets now! Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.