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    custom tape measure Original title: Magic usage of EXCEL custom sequence Custom Sequences in EXCEL is an amazing tool. You can define a sequence according to your own needs, and then use this sequence for “automatic filling”, “sorting” and other operations, which can greatly improve the speed of your data processing. Let you get off work early! First,bespoken tape measure, how to customize the sequence There are two methods: manual input and import sequence. The specific steps are as follows: 1. Click File, Options, Advanced,retractable tape measure sewing, Edit Custom List 2. Method one : Enter the sequence to be customized in the “Input Sequence”, one line for one data; click “Add”, and the sequence will appear in the customization list. Expand the full text 3. Method two : Point selection box. 4. Select the previously edited sequence 。 5. Point Import. The sequence appears in the custom list. For specific steps, custom tape measure ,personalized tape measure, take a look at the Gif: II. Custom Sequence Filling After defining the sequence, you can automatically fill in the sequence to help you input quickly. Auto-fill can be extended to many uses, for example, you can customize the class list or the company employee list into a sequence, as long as the fill can get a list, very convenient. 3. Sort by custom sequence We often sort the data according to the ascending and descending order of the numerical value. If we define the sequence, we can sort the data through the sequence. The steps are as follows. Finally, there is a Gif: 1. Select the area to sort ? Click Sort-Value-Custom Sequence. 2. Choose “I am, Mu, Mu, Xi, Li!” For this custom sequence, click OK OK. Complete the sorting. Here’s a Gif of the demo. Mumu’s custom sequences include “Company Employee Name”, “Company Department List”,personalised tailor tape, “Company Product Category”, “Corporate Product Name”, and “Corporate Supplier Name”. Usually very commonly used! Try it yourself and customize the sequence you use. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.