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    large print tape measure Original Title: Metallurgical Street, Qingshan District: “Knocking on the Door Every Day” Often Comes to the Door, Government Service Zero Distance Jingchu Net (Hubei Daily Net) (reporter Lin Lin correspondent Xiong Chao) “Dong, Dong, Dong, is Master Hang at home?” On June 29, the “Daily Knocking Group” of the Science and Technology Garden Community of Metallurgical Street in Qingshan District once again knocked on the door of the 86-year-old Master Hang in 30 neighborhoods. The grid staff patiently guided Master Hang to conduct the annual retirement review operation with his mobile phone and helped him conduct the quarterly review of the old age allowance. Master Hang said happily, “Your service is so thoughtful!” In recent years, the “Daily Knocking Group” of Metallurgical Street has further promoted the practice of “checking people’s conditions at the grass-roots level, relieving people’s worries and warming people’s hearts”, focusing on “doing one thing efficiently”, promoting the extension of “zero errands” and assistant agency services to the grass-roots level, with the help of the three-level linkage platform of “center + community + grid member” of Metallurgical Street Convenient Service Center, to provide government services. Let the residents really feel the convenience of community service. “Metallurgical Street” knocks on the door every day to provide government services for the masses. Correspondent for the map Relieving the people’s worries: considerate and caring Li Xunbang, who lives in 108 neighborhoods of Tongda Community, is a 91-year-old disabled veteran soldier of the “War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea.” Because he cannot take care of himself, he needs the care and companionship of his family. For this reason, the “Daily Knocking Group” of Tongda Community often visits the elderly and grasps their physical condition in detail. On the morning of July 9, the assistant of the disabled in Tongda Community and the staff of Qingshan Disabled Persons’Federation came to the door to help Li Xun measure his blood pressure and blood sugar, record the state of the elderly, large print tape measure , and apply for assistive devices for the disabled on the spot, which made the elderly feel the consideration and thoughtfulness of the current government policy. In the first half of this year, with the help of the staff of the “Daily Knocking Group”, Li Xun helped the elderly successfully handle the veterans’preferential treatment certificate, and put the concern of the Party and the state for the veterans into practice. Expand the full text “Metallurgical Street” knocks on the door every day to provide warm-hearted service for the masses. Correspondent for the map Warm the hearts of the people: Small things, deep feelings, responsive Xie Yingxia, an 82-year-old woman living alone in Nanmu community, has been in poor health and inconvenient to move. She has lived alone for many years. In summer, when the weather is hot, the cleaning of electric fans and air conditioners has become a big problem. When the community learned about the special situation of the elderly, it immediately arranged for the community grid members and Party members and cadres to come to the door together to clean the fans and air conditioners, mop the floor and clean up for Grandma Xie, and to carry out the annual review of retirement and old age for her. Tiantian Knocking Group patiently tells the elderly how to use the air conditioning remote control, prints out the telephone number of the grid member in large font, pastes it on the bedside of the elderly, and tells the elderly what they need to call at any time. According to reports, Nanmu community has always regarded caring for the vulnerable groups in its jurisdiction as the responsibility and obligation of Party members and cadres, doing good and practical things for the community residents with sincere and sincere service, and opening up the “last mile” of serving the masses. The intimate service of Nanmu community has been praised by the residents and won the trust and unanimous praise of the residents. “Metallurgical Street” knocks on the door every day to provide warm-hearted service for the masses. Correspondent for the map “Work hard with heart and soul, facilitate the people and benefit the people”. Next, Qingshan Metallurgical Street Convenient Service Center will continue to provide various kinds of assistant services for the people in its jurisdiction, create an efficient and convenient government service environment, and comprehensively enhance the people’s sense of access and satisfaction. 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