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    Piaomiao’s Journey (Complete Works) _ Xiao Qian _ txt Novel Paradise
    The world of Fengshen Brand is very magical It is very clean and refreshing The sky is pure blue Several pure white strange birds fly in the air making clear calls Tall and strong ancient trees have grown for many years and their crowns are hundreds of meters from the ground The shape of these trees is very strange the branches and leaves can hardly be separated and they are crowded together There are lavender grass on the ground swaying gently with the wind At the end of the path is a small lake The blue water reflects the green hills not far away There are many green bushes growing around the lake There are clumps of wild flowers growing by the lake near the path Pink snow-white yellow and purple flowers are colorful against the blue water which makes them look graceful Li Qiang walked to the lake squatted down scooped up a handful of lake water watched the clear lake water flowing out through his fingers and suddenly felt a trace of enlightenment in his heart He sat slowly by the lake and quietly settled down Time flies Li Qiang woke Environment up from meditation he checked his cultivation secretly relieved cultivation still stayed in the realm of seven stars did not continue to soar For the normal practice he has very little now basically let nature take its course Li Qiang stood up and found Rong Chenya sitting cross-legged not far away to protect the Dharma for himself He went over and thanked him “Thank you Brother Rong for protecting the Dharma” Rong Chenya said with a smile “Oh in fact no one will disturb you when you practice in the Deification Card I’m afraid that some captive monster will disturb you so I stay here” Li Qiang was embarrassed to scratch his head knowing that he was careless and had to do a good job of protection when he was practicing This is the common sense of practitioners but he often forgets it Li Qiang said with a smile “The scenery here is so beautiful that I fell into samadhi unconsciously” By the way where are my master and eldest brother Just as Rong Chenya was about to speak Pu Niufei fell down and said “They’re already waiting at Yi Tai Brother Li please come over” “Is it time” Asked Rong Chenya in surprise Pu Niu nodded and said “Here we are They have been waiting for a while The Venerable Master told everyone to wait for Brother Li saying that he had not yet woken up from his meditation and would not be allowed to call” “All right let’s go” said Li Qiang hurriedly He had been to Yi Tai and with a wave of his hand a golden awn wrapped around Pu Niu and Rong Chenya moved away in an instant On the easy stage stood Tianqu Tianzhen Wuxing Gan Shanyong Xuanlong Chi Ming Mo Huaiyuan and Qi Junsha Only Dainan Fengyu did not come Li Qiang fell beside Mo Huaiyuan and Qi Junsha and said with a smile “Master Brother Mo why are you here Hehe” With a straight face Qijun said seriously “Don’t try to be brave my dear disciple If the situation is not right run away immediately Do you understand” He is really worried about Li Qiang Mo Huaiyuan also said “Brother remember we two wait for you to come back no matter what happens we will wait for you” Li Qiang understood that the people who really cared about him here were the Master and the eldest brother and that everyone else had their own purposes Fortunately China Suppliers he had been entrusted to take care of the Master and the eldest brother naively so that he could rest assured to go to the ancient gods “Don’t worry Master” he said with a smile “I’ll be back” In fact he did not have much confidence Since master boju told him about his current spiritual practice he had become very open about life and death Now his only hope was to see if there was a solution in the ancient God collection Tianqu said “When we go to Gushenzang this time we are divided into three parts Tianzhen and Li Qiang are in the front Han Nu Gan Shanyong and Xuan Long are in the middle and Chi Ming and I are in the back” As soon as Chi Ming heard this he became anxious and shouted “After the break” I won’t do it I want to be with my eldest brother! Tian Qu frowned and was about to say something when Li Qiang said first “Chi Ming and I are together hehe we two brothers cooperate with each other tacitly” With that he glared at Chi Ming Tian Qu listens to Li Qiang to say so be forced to say “Good arrange so after I break what opinion to still have” Chi Ming is arrogant but he knows very well in his heart that if he is in danger in addition to Li Qiang other people will not necessarily reach out to help him so he will be with Li Qiang anyway so that he will feel at ease Seeing that everyone had no opinion Tianqu nodded and Transportation said “Well that’s the arrangement In addition I would like to remind everyone that in addition to those terrible prohibitions of the ancient gods the ancient immortals who get the news will come and meet strange ancient immortals” You’d better be on your guard If you are attacked by the ancient gods the consequences will be very serious If you are not careful to fall into the prohibition of the ancient gods it will be very difficult to rescue them Chi Ming asked “What if they attack” Tianqu said “No no one dares to mess up in the scope of the ancient God collection There are too many prohibitions there If you are not careful you will fall into it All the people who go to the ancient God collection aim at the ancient God collection not to fight” Naive cheerfully said “Don’t worry those guys are basically solitary if they cause trouble hey we have so many masters what are you afraid of him” I can’t say that I always have the cheek to fight with others ha ha No one paid attention to the naive words he seemed surprisingly excited Tianqu and others could not figure out why he was like a new person speaking impulsively like an urchin not sure which nerve was wrong with him The fog star said coldly “You two follow closely everything has me to decide go to the ancient God to hide” Your strength is too reluctant She reminded Gan Shanyong and Xuan Long without hesitation The mask on Gan Shanyong’s face was all red He felt really embarrassed In his heart he secretly scolded Wu Xing Han Nu “This smelly woman simply doesn’t care about people” But he was also a man who could endure and he gritted his teeth to hold back the anger that was about to erupt Xuanlong seemed to have heard nothing and stood aside with an expressionless face Li Qiang suddenly felt wrong in his heart Everyone who went to Gushenzang this time had different purposes just like a sheet of loose sand and his strength was greatly reduced He hesitated for a moment and couldn’t help saying “Wait a minute” The crowd looked at him in puzzlement “What are you doing brother” Asked Chi Ming 。