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    After a long time, Xiaoding saw indoor endless pool that although the female ghost was also very happy to be with him, she looked worried every time. Xiaoding asked what was unhappy, and every time the female ghost avoided answering. Asked several times in a row, the female ghost finally revealed her mind. It turned out that after falling in love with Xiaoding, although they were congenial to each other, after all, people and ghosts were on different paths. I’m afraid such a good thing can’t last long. Hearing this, Xiaoding was extremely depressed and asked if he would be able to stay with the female ghost forever if he died. Hearing this, the female ghost turned pale and told Xiaoding that the world of ghosts was full of darkness and coldness, which was not as prosperous and lively as the world of flowers in the world. Xiaoding is speechless, in fact, he is also full of nostalgia for the world. The female ghost is still combing her hair, Xiaoding suddenly found that the female ghost’s hair is getting thinner and thinner, and asked her if she was sick (I don’t know if the ghost will get sick). The female ghost wept and said that the bad people who had killed her, after killing her, had pulled off her hair, so that now her hair was thin, and she would lose a lot every day. Welcome to Verse 36: Chapter 7 Ghost Shaving (3) Xiaoding felt more and more pity for the female ghost. At this time, the female ghost suddenly said a way to make her hair no longer thin, that is, Xiaoding went back every day, took a fresh hair from another woman’s head and gave it to her,outdoor hot tub, she planted it on her scalp while the hair was not dead. Xiaoding agreed without hesitation. Her wife has thick hair, and every morning when she gets up and combs her hair, she combs off a few. The technology of hair transplantation in the world has existed for a long time, and the ghosts and spirits in the underworld are so powerful that it is not surprising to plant fresh hair on their heads. The next day, Xiaoding went home. In the morning, before his wife woke up, he pulled out a long hair from her head and carefully put it away. That night, he gave it to the female ghost. The female ghost planted her hair on her head,China spa factory, and in a flash, even her face seemed ruddy. In this way, for two months in a row, Xiaoding pulled out a hair from his wife’s head every day and gave it to the female ghost. The female ghost’s hair became thicker and thicker, her face became more and more ruddy, and when she made love with Xiaoding, Xiaoding even felt that her body began to become warm. On the other side, his wife became more and more haggard, and finally she was bedridden. But Xiaoding didn’t care what she had become. Now his mind, all on the female ghost, just want to be with the female ghost forever. Finally one day, the female ghost told him that in another month, she would be able to return to the sun. Xiaoding was overjoyed and asked the whole story. The female ghost hesitated again and again, and finally told him that she could absorb the Yang Qi of the owner of the hair from the fresh hair that Xiaoding brought every day. Now, when there are thirty more hairs, the essence of the owner of the hair will all be attached to her body, jacuzzi manufacturers ,hot tub wholesale, so that the result is that the female ghost returns to Yang, and the owner of the hair dies. Xiaoding was taken aback. He took a few hairs from his wife, which was originally a trivial matter. But now, things have obviously changed. Those hairs can kill his wife, and he is the murderer of his wife. Seeing Xiaoding hesitating, the female ghost began to cry again. She said that she didn’t want Xiaoding to take his wife’s hair again, which would only harm his wife’s life. She was satisfied that she could have the fate of these days with Xiaoding. Xiaoding thought over and over again and finally made a choice between his wife and the female ghost. He continued to fetch his wife’s hair for the female ghost every day. In this way, Xiaoding’s wife was admitted to the hospital and was dying. Xiaoding went to the hospital this night. As long as he took another hair from his wife, the female ghost could return to the sun and turn into a human form, and Xiaoding’s wife would naturally die. When Xiaoding arrived at the ward, only his wife was lying on the bed, sleeping with her eyes closed. Xiaoding was so cruel that he went up and pulled out a hair from his wife. Strange to say, in the past three months, Xiaoding has pulled out less than a hundred hairs from his wife, but his wife’s thick hair has been very sparse. Xiaoding pulled out his hair, carefully clipped them into a small book and put them in his pocket. At this time, he knew that after tonight, he would never see his wife again. Although he had no affection for her, he was still his wife after all, so he felt a little sad. Just when he wanted to look back at his wife, he suddenly heard some very trivial voices behind him. He suddenly looked back and saw his wife on the bed, slowly taking off her hair and combing it slowly with a comb in her hand. The wife said, “Xiaoding, you have killed me. If you don’t want to die, then you have to take another woman’s hair every day. After three months, you can save my life.”. Otherwise, when I am completely transformed into a fierce ghost, I will be the first to take your life. Xiaoding was so frightened that he rolled and crawled out of the ward and took the hair to find the female ghost. The female ghost took her hair and thanked her. Xiaoding told his wife about combing her hair, and the female ghost smiled and said that it didn’t matter, only after tomorrow, she would be scared out of her wits, and there was no way to harm anyone. Xiaoding felt a little at ease when he heard this. The next day, Xiaoding woke up from the female ghost bed, and the female ghost had disappeared. From then on, the female ghost never appeared again, and Xiaoding realized that the original female ghost was with him, just using him to absorb the spirit of others. In desperation, Xiaoding could only go home, when his wife, who had become a fierce ghost, was waiting for him at home. A few days later, Xiaoding said to a young woman beside him in the workshop, “Can you give me a hair?” We all agreed that Lu Yanan told the story well, and even old man Chen kept nodding. At this time, Lu Yanan said to Teng Mingyue, “Teacher Teng, please tell the three of them the story of your ancestral painting. After you told me last time, I thought it was really amazing.”. It’s a bit of Liaozhai. Hao and I were already a little tired, but when we heard that there were some ancient paintings handed down from our ancestors, we all came to the spirit. Teng Mingyue is not as coy as an ordinary girl. She is very generous. She is a bit like an American girl who is full of energy and extroversion. Since she was asked to speak,endless swimming pool, she immediately agreed. Lu Yanan said to everybody: “You are chatting first, I go to the car to take some food again, calls the family member to report a safety by the way.” Then he got up and went outside to get something from the car. More wonderful novels are available at ( novel channel