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    Silence! The whole place was silent. No dinosaur expected such a scene to happen, even those who supported Relino. Kim’s winning guy didn’t think either. Just for a moment, Qin Ye, who had just taken advantage of the scene, was attacked by a killing move. Seconds of boxing speed tens of thousands, performing their own Qin Ye has been unable, the heart is powerless to complain, this guy can catch up with the gold Xiaoqiang’s boxing speed, is it possible that they are also saints before the Relino dragon, meaning a good, it is necessary to touch their bodies so many times, it is really a big abnormal dragon. One last hit, Relino headbutt. Rellino, who didn’t call it a day after the fight.. Gold With his shining head, he hit Qin Ye’s belly hard. No matter which race of dinosaurs, the belly part is one of their most vulnerable parts. Qin Ye’s empty door opens, and Jin naturally wants to attack the most vulnerable part. Ah ~ “in order to cooperate with this move full of murder, Qin Ye screamed, and his body bounced out like a cannonball.”. Qin Ye in flight,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, unexpectedly felt that the strength was not enough to let his body fly out of the field, the strength of the Relino dragon was too weak, so in all the dinosaurs can not see the angle, Qin Ye quietly clapped a hand toward the ground. With the addition of such a palm strength, Qin Ye’s body speed did not decrease toward the outside of the stone platform, not surprisingly, he was about to lose the qualification for promotion. No, this guy definitely has a problem. How can he be exhausted so quickly? The final blow of Relino Dragon is definitely not as powerful as he imagined. This guy’s body can block the horn-killing secret method of our Triceratops elite. How can he not block this small headbutt attack. Triangle. Mei kept frowning her brows,silk ficus tree, which she could not see clearly at all. Qin Ye’s series of actions is really too strange, but due to the rules of the dinosaur family, the triangle. Mei has no way to intervene in this duel in full view of the public. The result can only be allowed to develop along this trend. Seem to feel the triangle. A charming look Qin Ye, who had already flown beyond the stone platform, drew his middle finger provocatively in the direction of the high platform, and then landed on the ground mercilessly. That angle is only a triangle. Mei saw this strange gesture. But she did not attack, although I do not know what it means, but it is definitely not a good meaning, Qin Ye this guy is absolutely intentionally defeated, actually regard the ancestral precepts of the dinosaur family as nothing, this guy is really too arrogant, but this kind of arrogance she likes. Brother Ye, are you all right? Although feel very sorry for the defeat of Qin Ye, silk ficus tree ,artificial coconut palm trees, but the west wind. The disabled still ran under the stone platform at the first time. I’m concerned about the situation of Qin Ye. Ahem, it’s all right. You go to fight. I’ll rest for a while. The battle with the group of Triceratops just consumed too much of my physical strength. I didn’t expect to lose the first game. Qin Ye seemed to feel weak in the game, but his voice was enough to be heard by all the dinosaurs present. Hum, hum, it turns out that this guy lost because of us. Sure enough, compared with those miscellaneous brand soldiers, our Triceratops clan is fierce. After hearing the admission of Qin Ye, the Tyrannosaurus Rex himself, the tails of those defeated Triceratops will go up to the sky. Be proud to go, you are proud to go, relative to be played by that ugly woman between applause, I would rather lose the battle, Qin Ye heart relieved, but feel the triangle above the high platform. The burning look from Mei. Qin Ye seemed to feel that the mother dragon had not given up on herself. I didn’t expect that there would be dinosaurs to challenge the rules that have come down for thousands of years. It really deserves to be my triangle. Mei valued the dragon. When I break those useless rules, I must make you my dragon, triangle. Mei’s eyes narrowed slightly. Even if Qin Ye’s cheating is discovered, the triangle. Mei’s appreciation of Qin Ye is even stronger. She seemed to feel that they were the same kind of dragon. In the triangle. Mei’s heart has always had a plan that other dinosaurs have never dared to imagine. This time the son-in-law is one of the links, she has always thought that he is doomed to be lonely, but God at this time let Qin Ye appear in front of her, even by hook or by crook, triangle. Mei also vowed in her heart that she would win the dragon of Qin Ye. 。 What Qin Ye, who is still pretending to be weak, doesn’t know is the triangle. Mei has already defined him as his own private property in his heart. In the future, he will face the triangle. Mei’s more ferocious offensive. But even if he knows, he can’t do anything now. He’s not a triangle yet. Mei’s opponent 。 PS: The first chapter is here, ask for red ticket support ~ Chapter one hundred and forty forging body overpass Chapter one hundred and forty forging body overpass Qin Ye doesn’t care about the result of the stone platform now. As long as he has nothing to do with it, it’s the best result. What he has to do is to go to the mine and continue to dig, and by the way, consolidate his physical cultivation. This time he stepped a thousand meters away, but there was no dinosaur to stop him. He had seen the triangle. A deacon of flattery Yes, I was going to attack Qin Ye, but the triangle. Mei waved back. She has other plans, now is not the time to move Qin Ye. Under the watchful eyes of many dinosaurs, Qin Ye entered the mine and began his great career as a professional mine thief. After entering the mine, Qin Ye’s bent body straightened up immediately, the weakness just swept away completely, now there is no dinosaur inside, he has no need to worry about anything. Running towards the deepest part of the mine, Qin Ye remembered what was the key to make 89 Xuangong practice faster, that is, the dinosaur throne, the treasure that can be used when it reaches 89 Xuangong four layers in memory. Dinosaur throne is beyond the existence of immortals, and many of the dinosaur family are practicing body skills, the whole family is a master of practicing body,artificial plant wall panels, the treasures they want to build can not be elemental, that is not lifting a rock only to drop it on their own feet, Qin Ye felt that the dinosaur throne can certainly help themselves to improve the speed of practice.