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    Gongsun yuanbo nodded and said, “Yes.”. I have hurt your men, and it is useless for me to provoke your revenge. “Brother Gongsun,” said Lu Tingzhen, “that’s very kind of you. “I hope Brother Gongsun will agree to the third thing.” “Gongsun yuanbo’s thoughts changed, and he faintly guessed what he was trying to do.” I’m afraid it’s hard to say yes, “he said. “With Brother Gongsun’s intelligence,” said Lu Tingzhen, “it’s very likely that he can guess what I want. What I want is the weapon on your body. Gongsun yuanbo shook his head and said, No. Unless Director Lu comes in and takes it away, that is called helplessness. If not, Director Lu can’t ask me to offer it automatically. He spoke very firmly. Lu Tingzhen hesitated for a moment and then said, “Well, if I have a chance, I might as well try to see if I can make you send troops by yourself.” The eyes on the doorway disappeared quickly, leaving Gongsun yuanbo, who was immediately silent. Although he was lying comfortably, his stomach was not hungry and his body was not cold, his heart was full of pain and his thoughts were surging. Nothing else happened that night until noon the next day, when the sound of walking up and down the stairs was heard from time to time outside, and the eyes appeared outside the doorway. He was too lazy to look at the eyes, because these intuitive people were wearing masks and could not see their faces at all. The only time he wasn’t watched was when he relieved himself at the end of the bed with a booty queen. He also believed Lu Tingzhen’s words and had no doubt about the food he had delivered, so he chewed a lot to keep his energy up. That afternoon, he felt that he had thought too much,smart board for conference room, so he reluctantly dug out a few books and began to read them. It turned out that these books were all medical books and pharmacopoeias, which were very boring. Of course, he couldn’t bear to watch it, and he didn’t know how many times he had picked it up and put it down, and it was not easy to get through another day. There is no light in the Chamber of Secrets. It all depends on the lights. Gongsun yuanbo estimated that it was already noon on the third day. He looked at the dark lights and saw that the lamp oil was about to run out. When an eye appeared in the doorway, he gave a lazy “hello” and said, “Go back and tell Director Lu or Mr. Pang that we need to add some lamp oil.” The eyes blinked twice and said nothing. Gongsun yuanbo lay steady on the bed, no longer looking at him, also do not speak. There was a strange loneliness in the room. Gongsun yuanbo thought,digital touch screen board, “I must have opened my mouth and lost my voice, so I felt very quiet.” Just as he was thinking, the eyes outside the doorway shone with a strange light, and then a sweet voice came in, saying, “Mr. Gongsun, you are in a very bad mood, aren’t you?” This familiar sound caused Gongsun yuanbo to shake like an electric shock and look up slightly at the doorway. ~ Looking down, I found that it was really black and white, and the image of life could speak. Yu Cuilian’s bright eyes. After a while, he sighed, “I really want to ignore you, but who can be happy without the sound of an empty valley?” Yu Cuilian said softly, “I’ll change a lamp first..” Then he turned and walked away. Not long after, he appeared outside the doorway and handed over an oil lamp, saying, interactive touch screens education ,interactive panel board, “Mr. Gongsun, the lamp is here!” Gongsun yuanbo went to the door, but saw that the hand holding the lamp was white and delicate, and the sharp nails were still painted with Hongdan, which was so red that people were moved. He couldn’t help touching the delicate hand and said, “How dare you stretch out your hand? Aren’t you afraid I’ll hold on to it?” “You’re a hero,” said Yu Cuilian timidly. “You wouldn’t do that, would you?” “That’s not certain,” said Gongsun yuanbo. “I wish I could get up, or I would do it.” Yu Cuilian did not withdraw her hand. “Don’t you hate her enough now?” She asked. Gongsun yuanbo said coldly, “I advise you to shrink back quickly, or else.” His palm was still stroking Yu Cuilian’s slippery wrist, but his movements had become a little rude. Yu Cuilian’s hand did not withdraw, and even reached in a little. Gongsun yuanbo was furious. “What’s the matter?” He said sternly? Are you sure I won’t do it? His palm sank slightly, and he immediately pulled Yu Cuilian’s hand down more than half a foot. Yu Cuilian snorted in pain, but still did not speak and did not beg for mercy. With Yu Cuilian’s beautiful face, when she is suffering from pain, her expression must be very impressive. Now she suffered from blocking the hole with her own hand, so Gongsun yuanbo could not see her at all. In the blink of an eye, Yu Cuilian gave two low cries of “ouch” in pain, and as soon as her fingers loosened, the oil lamp fell to the ground. Gongsun yuanbo kicked up the oil lamp several feet on his toes. He held it in his hand and said coldly, “What’s the matter?”? It hurts, doesn’t it? Yu Cuilian still did not answer, showing a stubborn silence. This kind of stubbornness often makes people furious. Gongsun yuanbo was so angry that his handsome face turned red. “Well, well,” he said bitterly, “you’ve really looked down on me!” He was irritate by her stubbornness, and that two emotions, love and hate, were very close in nature, and once they were transformed into hatred, the hatred would reach an irremediable level. His gesture sank, and with a “bang”, Yu Cuilian’s arm bone was broken. She almost fainted with a heavy groan of pain. In fact, she was only able to stand, her heart was numb, and she lost the function of thinking. It was not until Gongsun yuanbo really broke her arm that he felt a surge of remorse, but he still pretended to be vicious and said, “Do you believe it?”! Too bad it’s a little late! Hey, hey! He added two sneers at the end, which was very cruel. Yu Cuilian endure this attack heart strange pain, silver teeth are almost broken, where can answer! After a while, she suddenly felt no pain, and her right arm was completely numb. Yu Cuilian breathed a sigh of relief, and her brain began to turn again. “Oh, my God!” She thought! He was so cruel that he broke one of my arms. Alas, my godfather had warned me, but I did not believe him. Gongsun yuanbo grabbed her arm a little above the broken bone and clasped her five fingers on different acupoints, so that Yu Cuilian’s pain disappeared completely, but only her hands were soft and soft, and there were no scars on the outside. She was still white,smart board touch screen, beautiful and lovely. “Open the door!” He said coldly. “I..” said Yu Cuilian. I Gongsun yuanbo gave a sneer and said, “There’s no need to stammer. Hurry up and do as I say. Otherwise, hum!” “What if this door doesn’t open?” Asked Yu Cuilian. 。