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    There was a row of small print, and I squinted at it carefully. “Concubine Yu took Wang Er overseas along the Yangtze River.” My heart a surprised, according to such a saying, is the history of Yu Ji first Xiang Yu one step to commit suicide? Not true in the army? Instead, he took Xiang Yu’s son overseas? Feng Muqing also saw this row of small print, but also surprised. The information I got from the stone tablet filled my head with surprise, and the so-called historical truth that had been deeply rooted in my head before was here. It was so shaky that it was almost completely overturned. Tiedan couldn’t read and was in a hurry. It took me a long time to come to my senses. Iron egg hurriedly asked me what is written on the top, he can understand the painting, but this He doesn’t know the words. I took one look at Tiedan and said to him, “It says here that Xiang Yu’s daughter-in-law led his son to the sea along the Yangtze River. Perhaps the descendants of the overlord of Western Chu are still alive here.” In a world. Tiedan was surprised to hear this. He patted his head and said, “Oh, my God, so we have an owner’s tomb?” But then he said to himself, “We didn’t mean to go in.” Come on! All the accounts have to be settled by those little coquettish foxes. We are also the victims. Do you think it’s Brother Xiang? Xiang Shaoqing was looking at the painting on the stone tablet and was stunned by the iron. The egg was startled by such a question, and quickly nodded hurriedly, for fear that the iron egg would get angry and slap him twice again. Just as I was about to turn around, I suddenly changed my mind. I took two steps to Xiang Shaoqing. I picked up his collar and said angrily, “Your mother is a bastard. I’ve been fighting eagles all my life. In the end, I let you be a little girl.” The house sparrow has been pecked blind. You don’t have to take the three of us as cushions to worship your ancestors,Flush Retrofit Kit, do you? Then I raised my hand to fight. Xiang Shaoqing, who had ever seen such a battle, was immediately frightened. His face was ashen and his legs were about to fall to the ground as soon as they were weak. Tiedan and Feng Muqing were also stunned. Seeing that I was going to hit Xiang Shaoqing, Feng Muqing quickly grabbed me and asked, “Old Hu, it happened.” What’s the matter? I took one look at Feng Mu Qing, then pointed to the picture on the stone tablet and said,Self-closing Shower Valve, “It all says clearly that Concubine Yu did not commit suicide, but took Xiang Yu’s son to a distant place.” Yang, take refuge. Since just now, I have always suspected that this grandson came back from England, saying that he wanted to explore, why did he choose to come to the mainland? After listening to my words, Feng Muqing was very angry and said to me, “Old Hu, it’s too arbitrary for you to do so. You can’t conclude that he has anything to do with Xiang Yu just by these.”? Besides, what’s there? You can’t solve the problem with your hands! Tiedan had already recognized the height of his eyebrows and eyes. He didn’t have a good impression of Xiang Shaoqing either. Hearing what I said, he took two steps in front of Xiang Shaoqing and kicked him. The buttock scolds a way: “I *** early see you do not look like good bird, explain at once.”. If you have something to hide, you are cutting yourself off from the people. I can tell you that if you confess, Self-closing Faucet ,stainless steel squatting pan, you will be lenient; if you refuse, you will be severe. It has always been me. Their means of dealing with the enemy! After a pause, Tiedan felt that what he had said was not cruel enough. He added, “You are a class enemy. You are different from the contradictions among the people. If you confess, you must be strict!” Xiang Shaoqing was kicked by the iron egg bared his teeth and cracked his mouth, trembling and unable to say a word. Ignoring the frosty face of the curtain, I turned to Xiang Shaoqing and said, “Mr. Xiang, what the *** are you doing?” Don’t pretend to be a gentleman. If you don’t tell me the truth, I’ll send you to reunite with your ancestors! Xiang Shaoqing was threatened by me and Tiedan one after another, and got a heavy kick from Tiedan on his buttocks. What I said, I couldn’t hold on any longer. I spread out on the ground with a sound of’thump ‘, and tears came out along my eyes. Feng Muqing was trembling with anger by me and Tiedan. I knew her temperament and disposition. Although he was thoughtful, he was definitely different from me and Tiedan’s indifference. Her heart was very soft. I sighed. He said to Feng Muqing, “Sister, you don’t have to be angry. Think about it. This man took the gold seal that Tiedan and I sold him in Beijing. This time he came out and led us to the Phoenix Mountain.” It happened that there was Xiang Yu’s tomb in the Phoenix Mountain, and he threatened me to help him find Xiang Yu’s tomb with me and Tiedan. What kind of bird can such a person be? Iron egg is also on the side to help cavity way: “Yes, sister, don’t let his appearance fool you. Isn’t this fellow also surnamed Xiang?”? I think he is likely to be the grandson of Xiang Yu for many generations! Tiedan and I sang together, and the curtain was closed. His face softened a lot and he said, “Then you two can’t just do it!”! If you have any problems, you can solve them well. I nodded one after another to show that I agreed with the idea of closing the curtain. In fact, I had just finished looking at the picture on the stone tablet, and suddenly remembered that Xiang Shaoqing’s surname was the same as that of the overlord of Chu, and then I thought about seeing him from me. What happened after that was always love, so I made a move rashly. I would like to see, if he was taken away by concubine Yu Xiang Yu descendants, then he came to steal the tomb of Xiang Yu in the end is to do! I squat Descending, his line of sight was just level with Xiang Shaoqing’s. He asked ferociously, “I said, Mr. John, you are stepping on the territory of the new socialist China, so whatever happens to you.” We have to do it according to our rules. Hurry up and explain it! Tiedan echoed, “Time is life, and efficiency is money. Don’t waste my life and money with Lao Hu and Master Feng like a woman.” Xiang Shaoqing’s face Pale, at this time has stopped the tears, looked up at me and iron egg one eye, mercilessly biting the lower lip, a long time to open his mouth and said: “Lao Hu is right, I really should be a descendant of Xiang Yu.” [] . Chapter 239 descendants of the overlord (6). Huhu, taking advantage of the time to go home for lunch at noon, the hooligans drove out another chapter and dedicated it to everyone. Smash more tickets and support more hooligans! Xiang Shaoqing stopped his tears, looked up at me and Tiedan,Flush valve price, and squeezed out a sentence: “Lao Hu is right. I really should be a descendant of Xiang Yu.” When Xiang Shaoqing finished, Tiedan sneered, “You?” Why did his mother come to see your ancestors and drag us? Or do you have some skeletons in your closet? Say it! I waved to Tiedan and motioned him not to speak first. He turned to Xiang Shaoqing and said:.