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    The little prince is handsome and the strongest of the four. She is also a workaholic. Her handsome neutral dress is often said to be not like a woman, but she doesn’t seem to care. Ha Mei, Fu Qingqing. Fu Qingqing:?? She took a look at her own script. Ha Mei is naive and straightforward. She is a relatively common silly white sweet person. In some ways, she is also very straightforward. She raises a husky who is as silly as she is. She is a trendsetter who often surfs the Internet. She gathers the common characteristics of a girl of this age. She is an Internet addicted girl and a Weibo Internet celebrity joke player. He and Husky are known as the two generals of Hum Ha, and they often show their pets. Marriage maniac, Yang Xu. Yang Xu:?? She felt that she was more confused than Fu Qingqing, how could she have such a routine of her own, and this marriage maniac did not look like herself at all! In fact, she thought the little prince was very suitable for her. But after glancing at Wang Ye, she decided not to speak. Marriage maniac is a 26-year-old “leftover woman”. She is faced with endless forced marriages from her parents and relatives. She just wants to find someone to get married quickly. Although she keeps saying that she wants to get married, she is always unwilling to marry and have children like that. Yi Heng plays Yi Shao, the dark horse prince from the self-proclaimed rich second generation to the independent. Always full of expectations for the four cute girls, but the classic lines of “I expected this beginning, but I didn’t expect this ending”, the funny landlord who made a fool of himself is naturally the performance of Wen Yun and his true colors. The artist, Master Qin,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, is played by Qin Qingze. This script. Wen Yunhe immediately spoke out frankly. “Is that all?” He looked at Lin Yuliang, who nodded calmly and looked at several people present. “Yes, so you have to work hard.” She smiled and said, “There are only a few of you in this film. There are no big stars, and there are no other veteran actors. How to make it depends on how you behave.” Wang Ye was prepared to be calm, and he was still in the mood to see the expressions of the little guys. Are you crazy Fu Qingqing blurted out,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, “if you say that.” “Do you have no confidence in yourself or in anyone else?” Listening to Lin Yuliang’s words, Fu Qingqing immediately turned her eyes around and looked at the people present. I’m not, it’s just.. Fu Qingqing was so angry that all the people present seemed to have better grades than themselves. And although she still has a little doubt about her acting skills, she can’t say it in front of others, and Ha Mei is also a tailor-made role for her. True colors are never too bad. Beautiful pink girls, beautiful pink cardamom girls, are the best times, just looking at, it is pleasing to the eye, happy mood, recalling the age of innocence. But Yi Heng suddenly opened his mouth. “This kind of urban light comedy is a type that I have never seen before, Stainless Steel Prison Toilet ,Manual Flush Valve, and with four women as the protagonists, it is even less. Can I ask who the director is?” After all, most of them are men’s plays, with all kinds of rims for the female protagonists, and many of them compete with the male protagonists, but it’s still very rare for them to be dominated by women, not mother-in-law and daughter-in-law family plays. It’s me Lin Yuliang opened his mouth with a smile. Poof. Yang Xu, who was still drinking tea, could not bear it at once. Even Yi Heng can’t keep his iceberg face. Singing while excelling is acting, acting while excelling is directing. For most artists, it is also a pursuit to become an excellent director after success. But it’s also all kinds of big stars and big directors. For so many years, Qin Feifan and Zhou Zhenhai are the only two people who have succeeded in turning stars into directors. And Lin Yuliang is still so young. Looking at the strange eyes falling on his body, Lin Yuliang shrugged his shoulders, “don’t look like that.” She was going to say don’t look at me like that, but when she thought about Prince Kay’s final fate, she swallowed the words behind her. All right, calm down. Don’t panic. I’ll give you one minute to vent your emotions. We’ll talk about the rest later. ” Fu Qingqing immediately screamed: “How can you want to go behind the scenes in this kind of thing?”? Let’s start from the beginning. Don’t care about those sunspots. When the Heavenly King and Queen of Heaven first came out, those who had not been criticized for their lack of acting skills were all envious and jealous. Don’t worry about them. Lin Yuliang:.. This kind of tone I feel very familiar ah, little girl you are not wearing a vest in the micro-blog tear force ah, but compared to the time when she first met Fu Qingqing, she felt that Fu Qingqing’s fighting skills seem to have increased a lot, probably when nothing on the Internet more. She coughed twice awkwardly and took a look at the people present. Well, except for Wang Xiuhua, who was calm in his face, all the others looked at him with a dignified face. Let Lin Yuliang have another illusion. I’m really going to quit the entertainment industry because of the blow of Wolong World. In fact, according to the news leaked out now, we can’t blame Yang Xu for having such an idea. After all, Wolong Tianxia’s secrecy work is very strict, all kinds of hype are to hang people’s desire-I want to see Wolong Tianxia! This is the hunger marketing that has been used perfectly by Lei So-mou after many years. No matter whether it is true or false, whether it is black or pink, I just want to be half-true and half-false. Lin Yuliang was cut off this thing is seven points true and three points false, logic seems impeccable, smart people will take the opportunity to say a few words vaguely. So now there are two factions outside. One faction is the firm black forest rain cool backstage hard brush face, even the movie queen movie king was dragged down to her platform. Another faction is Lin Yuliang’s powder, firmly feel that the opposite side is jealous, even if the play is cut according to Lin Yuliang’s “plot reasons” and Qin Feifan’s “scriptwriter has new inspiration” and so on. But no matter what happened, I didn’t deny the change of the script. No one thinks that Lin Yuliang will be added to the play,stainless steel shower tray, after all, this is her first time as a leading actress. So Wang Ye, they also think that Lin Yuliang was mostly hit too hard when he was shooting Wolong World.