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    “I’m so obsessed that even the main hall has been beaten helplessly. How can I expect a casual Dan to solve the problem?” Wende gave up the idea in his heart and laughed at himself. Yan Xu did not refute much. He took out a jade slip from the ring of the master and said, “The name of the elixir is’Haoyuan Dan ‘. This elixir is a 9th level elixir. Its main effect is to restore magic power.” “Level 9 elixir?”? The grade is not low. However, the level 9 elixir is generally only applicable to the monks in the late yuan Ying period, and its use is too narrow. Moreover, yuan Ying’s magic power is deep, and the magic power that this elixir can restore is probably extremely limited. Wende looked a little relaxed, but he was not optimistic about this Danfang. There are no less than ten kinds of similar elixirs in the Hall of the King of Medicine. Although they cannot be viewed with the authority of Wende, they also know the general efficacy. With a wave of his hand, Yan Xu said with a smile, “If it’s just an ordinary level 9 elixir, naturally I wouldn’t dare to go to the door and make a fool of myself. This elixir has another wonderful feature!” “Hm?”? What’s so wonderful about it? Wende asked. The general level 9 elixir, if the cultivation is less than the late yuan Ying monks dare not take it casually, a little bit will cause a reaction. Yan Xu added. Wende nodded and said, “That’s true.”. Level 9 elixir is very powerful. If the realm is not enough, the released essence will burst the Dantian carelessly. Could it be that this pill doesn’t have this side effect? Even so, it is rare, but it is not practical. Wen De’s words are true. The friar naturally knows these principles. Unless he has to,Flushometer valve, he will not take them casually. Not only that, if yuan Ying early or middle period monk takes this Dan, not only does not have the side effect, but also can double the benefit! Yan Xu explained. O? That’s interesting! Wen De’s eyes brightened and he reached out to borrow Dan Fang’s jade slips. The jade slips only recorded the spirit grass needed for refining, but did not contain the order and method of refining, so Yan Xu was not worried about the leakage of Dan Fang. Haoyuan Dan does not restrict the realm of cultivation of those who take it, but for monks below the late yuan Ying period,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, their magic power can be restored from 80% to 100%. Yan Xu continued. Does not limit the realm of the user? Can the Golden Elixir Friar also take it? Wen De was frightened and looked at Yan Xu in disbelief. Not to mention the golden elixir period monk, even the foundation period monk did not take it, to ensure that he is vigorous! Li Yang interrupted beside him, and Yan Xu stared at him and held him back. How much magic power can a monk in the golden elixir period recover by taking Haoyuan elixir? The more Wende listened, the more frightened he became. Huiqi elixir is very important for monks, but there is no elixir on the market that can make the magic power 100% full in an instant, even in the foundation period and the golden elixir period. The so-called Reiki elixir actually contains a large amount of Reiki essence, which can be quickly absorbed and refined by the human body, and is extremely difficult to refine. If the power of the medicine is not enough to restore the magic power is less, and if the power of the medicine is too strong, it will burst the Dantian, a little carelessness will burst the body and die, Time Delay Faucet ,Prison toilet for sale, it is simply a suicide elixir. Yan Xu stretched out his palms and gestured, “Ten percent magic power!”! Moreover, it also has the effect of strengthening the realm in a short time for the monks who build the foundation, which can improve at least two small realms for three hours. “How much magic power can a monk in the period of yuan Ying recover after taking it?” Wende felt his throat dry, swallowed his saliva and continued to ask. yuan Ying later period below 80%, yuan Ying later period 70% mana, yuan Ying Dzogchen’s 60% mana. Yan Xu answered with a smile. Hiss! Wende gasped. At least 60% mana recovery? It’s so horrible! You should know that even the best elixir on the market is only about 40%. But this time Duobao Daochang introduced the elixir that can restore 50% of the magic power of yuan Ying Friar, and the effect of only 10% increase made the Hall of Medicine King feel pressure. In front of this Dan side at least to 60%, or even to the terrible 80% of the mana recovery, for Wende is simply unimaginable. As for the golden elixir, the monks who build the foundation can also take this elixir with full power, which is also of great significance. The cost of level 9 elixir is very high, which is by no means affordable for ordinary golden elixir monks, but if the effect is good, many young or even distracted disciples will never mind buying a batch of elixirs for their descendants, which will be used as life-saving elixirs at the bottom of the box at critical moments. Think about it, two monks of similar strength fought to the death, one of them suddenly took an elixir, restored the state of full mana, the war situation is a fundamental reversal. This matters a lot! I can’t decide. Just wait a minute. I’ll be right back. Wende looked at the jade slips several times and felt strange about the composition of the elixir. His intuition told him that the elixir was very likely to be true. Then he got up and hurriedly reported it to his uncle, Wenfeng, the chief steward of the Medicine King Palace in yuanyang City. Headmaster, look at Wende’s eyes just now. I wish I could see the jade slips upside down. I’m laughing to death. After Wende left, Li Yang couldn’t help laughing. Yan Xu knocked on the table and said, “Seriously, we are talking about business cooperation.” Li Yang spread out his hands and said with a smile, “Look at his reaction just now. If you know that Dan Fang is true, I’m afraid you’ll have to take us down on the spot. We have to be careful.” Yan Xu shook his head with a wry smile, although what Li Yang said was a joke, but such a big fish, I believe that the Medicine King Palace will definitely spend all the cost to win this Dan Fang, especially in the face of the situation of Duobao Daochang pressing step by step. Speaking of it, among the elixirs collected by Tianhao Zong, there are a few that are derived from the Battle Ruins of Shengdao, which are ten percent better than the Baicao Rejuvenation Elixir of Duobao Daochang. Even if he takes out one at random, Yan Xu is confident that he can cooperate with Yao Wang Dian. Haoyuan Dan is a rare Dan prescription randomly refreshed by the library, and its effect is surprisingly good, which is a transcendence of leapfrogging. The reason why Yan Xu took out this Dan Fang, in addition to occupying enough voice in the cooperation with Yao Wang Dian, in fact,Concealed Flush Valve, he also cherished the idea of enhancing the strength of the whole Zhongzhou Xiuzhen Realm. Chapter 543 the reaction of the Medicine King Palace. Since the ancient war ten thousand years ago, the celestial demons that had not been exterminated have endured for thousands of years, and the whole North Star Island has completely fallen into the shadow of the celestial demons.