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    Self-closing Faucet

    “Don’t forget that you had a share of the old man who made the Lu family angry at the beginning.”. If it wasn’t for the seed in your stomach, my plan would have to wait for a long time until the old man’s liver cancer broke out. What, are you soft now, or do you have a conscience? Now you come to bargain with me for Lu Zheng. If you let him know that you are an accomplice, do you think he will accept your kindness? “……” Because of Xiao Rong’s words, her chest rose and fell violently: “No, I never wanted to harm him, that’s your trap!”! I don’t understand either. Why do you want to hurt him? Isn’t he your best brother? “Brother?”? Did he ever treat me like a brother? Xiao Rong smiled coldly and said, “I said that he lost because he was too emotional.”. It doesn’t matter. I guess you will interfere with my actions. It doesn’t affect the overall situation. Life is like a chess game, all the foreshadowing has been buried, your chess piece can not play a key role, I advise you to know the times for Junjie, Lu Zheng can not even keep the head office, Huayi naturally can only give up. You behave yourself, play your play and be your big star. In the future, the natural star road will be smooth, and you can live a stable life with money. Isn’t this the first time Xiao Rong stopped her backstage and asked her what she wanted? Now she had it all within her grasp, and she regretted it. She never wanted to let Lu Zheng lose everything,stainless steel toilet, no, she would rather be beaten back to Nie Suwen, who had nothing and lived like a weed, than what happened today! Su Wen closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “I know it’s impossible for you to change your mind now, and I won’t change my mind.”. You remember, you are you,Time Delay Tap, I am me, I have never been in cahoots with you, I am just stupid to be used by you! Whether Lu Zheng can save all this or not, as long as he still insists, I will stand on his side. So, from now on, you are my enemy. Xiao Rong shrugged pointlessly: “What a pity.”. In all fairness, you’re a promising actor. Su Wen smiled for the first time since she walked into the office. She raised her lips with relief: “Thank you very much today, and teach me that the person who betrays you is probably the one you trust most.”. Lu Zheng is blind and treats you as a brother. I am also blind and played by you. I hope Xiao Shao can take this as a warning and not be stabbed in the back by the person he believes in one day. Thank you for your advice. If you really want to replace Lu Zheng to attend the shareholders’ meeting, as the second largest shareholder of Runhua, I formally inform you that a special shareholders’ meeting jointly proposed by the major shareholders will be held at 2:30 this afternoon in the conference room on the 12th floor of Runhua Company. At that time, I will propose to dilute Lu Zheng’s controlling rights by issuing additional shares. Of course, shareholders have preferential rights. It is only expected that the amount of mobilization will exceed hundreds of millions, Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo ,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, and now Lu Zheng, who has a tight capital chain, may not be able to come up with this amount. For Runhua, I am determined to win. If you have any more questions, you can contact the director’s secretary of the board, who will explain them to you in detail. To this, Su Wen is a layman at all, she wanted to think: “Then I also can represent Lu Zheng, veto your proposal of this additional issue?” Of course, every shareholder has a vote. However, all shareholders agreed to issue additional shares because it was good for the company. Now the cash flow gap is so big that unless a savior can save them, the company will face bankruptcy. As long as we can keep our jobs, we don’t mind changing to be the chairman. Xiao Rong’s always cynical attitude was put away at this time, it was really business, and Su Wen could even feel the chill of a sword. Su Wen nodded, “I have only one thing to ask you. When did you start planning all this?”? From the first time you came to me, or even earlier? Xiao Rong turned around and looked out of the window at the top of the steel forest in the bustling area of the city center. All living beings were small, as if they were at his feet. He easily manipulated every chess piece. Does it matter when the layout starts? The important thing is that I won the game. Su Wen stared at his side face confusedly. From the beginning, she had never understood the man. Before leaving, she did not forget to add: “This game of chess is not over yet.” When she walked out of the office, Su Wen was still very calm. She leaned against the glass wall of the elevator and quickly thought about the countermeasures. Then she called Yan Bei: “How is it over there? Are the police willing to let people go?” Mention this matter, Yan Bei is angry greatly: “Present Public Security Department, handle affairs what efficiency!”! The prisoners all turned themselves in, and they were still holding people, saying what procedures they wanted to go through. Fortunately, the one above the Lu family was still able to speak, communicated with their boss, and finally agreed to release him. Su asked, “Did Lu Wenyi go in person?” “Well, I just picked up Lu Zheng, and now I should go back to Lu’s house.”. I think he’s been unlucky recently, and I’m going to learn from TVB to buy him some grapefruit leaves to get rid of bad luck. Su Wen breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that Lu Zheng had finally come out. At the thought of what Xiao Rong had just said, he became anxious again: “No, he has to come to the company now. Xiao Rong will organize a group of veterans of Runhua to hold a special shareholders’ meeting to discuss the issue of additional issuance. I don’t know exactly what is going on. Anyway, this matter is no small matter. It is related to the controlling right of the company.”. You probably don’t know, Lu Zheng was arrested this matter, also with Xiao Rong can not get rid of the relationship. Alas, it’s no use saying that now. We have to tell Lu Zheng quickly. Yanbei was also stunned by what she said: “You said Rongzi was going to seize power?” “That’s about it,” Su asked. He hung up the phone with a bang. Downstairs in the company she called a car, immediately said: “X Street to the military compound.” In the car,Stainless Steel Toilet China, she dialed Lu Zheng’s phone. Before the detention, the communication equipment was usually confiscated. She did not know whether Lu Zheng had turned it on or not this time. As soon as she dialed it, it was turned off. She had to look out of the window anxiously.