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    “How is it?” Li Zhu looked anxious. Qin Qiang did not make a sound, continue to flip. Suddenly heard a “click” sound, Li Zhu eyes a happy: “installed it?” “No,” Qin Qiang straightened up apologetically, “the teeth of the wheel are broken.” Li Zhu: “..” Teeth are broken, broken, broken. Li Zhu dazed a little while, return to absolute being: “How does that do?” “I don’t know.” As soon as Li Zhu heard this, he became anxious: “You..”. You didn’t mean it, did you? ?” Qin Qiang Khan. I have a bottom line, okay? The implication is that he can’t do such a thing without a bottom line. Li Zhu sneered at him. “Who knows?” Sometimes, she doesn’t see his bottom line. Heaven and earth conscience, I really didn’t mean it. Qin Qiang almost swore. I don’t care. Anyway, it’s all because of you. You removed it, and now you broke it. You have to be responsible for doing it well. Look at the broken gear. Can it still be used? What about my mother? How can she get out if the door can’t be opened? Seeing Qin Qiang standing there motionless, Li Zhu hurriedly urged him: “Hurry up. I haven’t heard my mother’s voice now. I don’t know if something happened.” Listen to her say so, Qin Qiang also dare not delay, and then lean down, study the mechanism. Li Chuyun, don’t have any accidents, don’t. Qin Qiang felt that he seemed to have dug another hole for himself, and then buried himself. He tossed and turned for a while,plastic wheelie bins, sweating profusely. Do you have the design of this mechanism? “No, only the installation location map.” Qin Qiang had to continue to think of ways. Li Zhu stood on the edge and could not help. The only thing he could do was to take out his veil and wipe his sweat for him. After a while, Qin Qiang suddenly stood up. Ok “No, it’s not good, unless I make a new wheel. I looked at it, the teeth are broken, and it can’t be used at all. To make a new wheel, I have to find the original craftsman,plastic pallet bin, and it takes time. Far water can’t put out the fire at all. So there’s only one way to do it now.” “What way?” “Destroy the wall door directly.” As he spoke, he removed the bookcase and motioned to Li Zhu: “You let your mother stand back, not behind the wall.” Li Zhu is a little speechless. Tonight this thing is going to be.. The design of this house is linked to each other, and the destruction of this wall door is not a small damage. However, she could not think of any other way at the moment. I had to do as I was told. She also reached out and patted the wall: “Niang, the mechanism of opening the door is broken. We want to destroy the wall door directly. Don’t stand behind the door. Try to stay away from it, or retreat to the basement first.” “Mother, can you hear me?” Li Zhu patted the wall several more times. No response. Li Zhu’s little face turned white at once. He turned his eyes hurriedly and looked at Qin Qiang: “What really happened?” Qin Qiang lips did not ring, reached out to pull her aside, then, legs stand firm, wrist turn, slowly congealed internal force in the palm, gathered to the extreme, and then suddenly pushed forward vigorously. There was a loud bang. Li Zhu felt the ground under his feet shaking, tables and chairs, plastic pallet supplier ,drum spill containment, bookcases, especially the porcelain pots and teacups on the table could hear the sound of shaking. The dust was flying, the broken bricks were clattering, and a big hole was punched in the wall door. As far as the eye can see, Li Chuyun is not there. Li Zhu and Qin Qiang looked at each other, immediately into the hole. Li Zhu in the front, down the steps, ran very fast, while running, while calling: “Niang, Niang..” Seeing that the light was not good, she took three steps and two steps, fearing that she would fall, Qin Qiang followed her with an arrow, shook her wrist and took her with him. The light was on in the basement, and Li Chuyun was there. Lying on the cold jade bed, motionless. Both of them were stagnant, and Li Zhu’s face changed greatly. Come forward quickly: “Niang, Niang!” See Li Chuyun closed his eyes, seems to be asleep, also seems to be… Coma Or dead. As soon as Li Zhu’s eyebrows jumped, he did not bother to feel his pulse or breath. He reached out and pushed her directly: “Niang, Niang..” Only then did Li Chuyun react and slowly open his eyes. Seeing her awake, Li Zhu was overjoyed: “Mother.”. ” “What’s the matter?” Li Chuyun looked at her sleepily. He sat up and saw that Qin Qiang was also there. “What happened?” He asked doubtfully. Li Zhu Khan. Shouldn’t she ask her about this? Are you all right? Li Chuyun didn’t seem to hear clearly. He raised his hand and took down the things stuffed in his left and right ears. He asked Li Zhu, “What?” Li Zhu and Qin Qiang both looked at her hands. It’s an earplug made of two pieces of cloth rolled into a stick. No wonder I couldn’t hear them. I slept so deeply that I didn’t respond until I pushed her. Wasn’t Niang knocking on the wall just now? And called me. Li Zhu asked. Oh, you say that, “Li Chuyun cleared his throat,” cough, “and seemed to hesitate. Turned his eyes at Qin Qiang, then opened his mouth: “I want to remind you, a little less noise, take care of a person in the basement.” Li bamboo stare, Qin Qiang mouth. Both: “..” After a while, Li Zhu came to his senses. “Can you hear something in my room?” “Yes!” Li Chuyun nodded, “you can hear what you say and do clearly, of course, whispering should not be heard.” Li Zhu was shocked, and his little face turned red in an instant. Seeing that she was surprised and incredulous when she heard about it for the first time, Li Chuyun frowned and said, “No, your own mansion. Don’t you know that this design is like this?”? In the basement, you can clearly hear the movement in the wing, but in the wing, you can’t hear the movement in the basement. “I don’t know.” Li Zhu turned around silently, stiffening his neck, stiffening his body, and stiffening the steps under his feet, slowly walking in the direction of the steps back to the room. I want to cry without tears. It’s so depressing. Below can hear the above movement, that tonight she said with Qin Qiang two people,wholesale plastic pallet, and two people do that thing, this woman is not all clear, clear? Make a fool of yourself. It’s a big loss of face. I wish I could find a crack in the ground.