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    Lan, why didn’t you tell me when you went out? I thought my father had taken you back to the palace. “I went to the palace of the Prince of Jin to look for my uncle.” Lan answered honestly, knowing that even if she didn’t say it, Xuaner would certainly say it, just hoping that Xuaner wouldn’t know that the person she went to see was Zhao Pu. If you want to find the emperor’s uncle, you should tell me. “Zhao Defang twisted her eyebrows slightly, and her flustered handsome face had not faded yet. She just hugged her tightly.” The emperor’s uncle came to me today. If you had told me earlier that you wanted to find the emperor’s uncle, you wouldn’t have to make a trip in vain. ” Nodding obediently in his arms, Lan curved her lips and said softly, “It’s my fault. I’m sorry.” “All right, just come back.” Trying to suppress the panic that had not faded, Zhao Defang held her hand and went into the room. “What are you looking for your uncle?”? How could you be so anxious that you forgot to tell me? It’s not forgotten, it’s just not time for him to know. It’s nothing. I just want to ask my uncle if he knows about my mother. We haven’t seen her for a long time, and I don’t know when my father will put her under house arrest. What about you? What does Uncle Huang want with you? As soon as Lan’s question fell, Zhao Defang suddenly stopped and turned to Xuan’er, who had been quietly following her, and said, “You go down first. My wife and I will go back to our room. Don’t let anyone disturb us before dinner.” Xuaner answered, while Zhao Defang took Lan and hurried to Tongxin Garden. She didn’t let her go until she entered Ziyun Pavilion. Her eyes were fixed on her for a long time, and she succeeded in arousing Lan’s fear. Then she opened her mouth: “Lan,plastic pallet supplier, you said three days ago that the weather would change in only half a month. What you meant was that Uncle Huang came to see me today.” Lan silence, Zhao Guangyi really came to find Zehua to discuss this matter, afraid is Zhao Pu this time back to Beijing to help the king of Jin was pulled by the king of Jin to help Zehua? Zehua has no intention of the throne, the emperor’s uncle intentionally but can not sit, Zhao Dezhao intentionally or unintentionally is vague, but has been provoking Zehua’s heart of struggle is beyond doubt. In that seat, Zehua was afraid that he would not be able to sit on it for a long time,plastic pallet box, and Zhao Dezhao’s heart was not here, and he was afraid that he would not be able to die well, so he still had to force out the King of Jin. Lan, tell me, did you know that your uncle was going to do something in the near future? Why didn’t you tell me? I can’t let my uncle make a mistake, not to mention that I’m not really interested in that seat, even if I want it urgently today, I can’t do the crime of deceiving the emperor and destroying the ancestors! I can’t do it, and I won’t allow my uncle to do it! The faster Zhao Defang spoke, the more angry he became. He pressed Lan’s shoulders with his palms and stared at her. “Lan, tell me, what will Uncle Huang do?”? What can I do to stop him? Lan, you tell me everything! Lan stood motionless at his mercy and said quietly, “Ze Hua, mobile garbage bin ,plastic bulk containers, have you forgotten what you said?”? You say that if I tamper with history, I will become a sinner through the ages, so now you want me to tell you everything, and then let you tamper with it and become a sinner through the ages? She shook her head slowly and said slowly, “Zehua, you give everything to me, I will try my best to keep something from being hurt, you can rest assured.” You can rest assured. “How can I rest assured?” Zhao Defang suddenly let go of her sleeve and turned his back. “One of them is my father and the other is my uncle. Do you want me to watch them kill each other?”? I can’t do it! Lan staggered back a few steps because of his sudden release, but looked at his stiff back without blinking, “so do you want to kill each other with Zhao Dezhao?” He forbade the king of Jin to do it, so he had to do it himself, which was unavoidable. Zhao Defang turned around and stared at her fiercely. Lan had never seen such a horrible expression on his face. She kept her eyelashes away from his eyes and forced herself to continue to calm down: “Zehua, you have no choice. Zhao Dezhao is forcing you, and the father is forcing the emperor’s uncle. Do you know?”? On the Northern Expedition, he ordered you to accompany the Imperial Expedition. Didn’t he want you to fight to the death? With a sarcastic laugh, she continued, “Zhao Dezhao has made a lot of secret moves since April. Do you think his father doesn’t know?”? But the father has never stopped him, these you know, why can’t you think that the father is just using Zhao Dezhao to provoke you? I know your temper, and Uncle Huang naturally knows that he will help you do what you can’t do, but I won’t let him impose on you what you don’t want. Zhao Defang was startled by her words so that his eyelids jumped. He suddenly turned around and stared at her face without hesitation. He was frightened and asked, “Lan, what are you going to do?” Lan slowly looked up at his shocked eyes and said slowly and firmly, “I want..” Into the palace! Chapter 63, Looking Back, Things Become Empty (1) Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival ~ I wish all my friends a happy holiday ~ family reunion ~ I’m really sorry for stopping for a few days. The recent National Day ~ sweat ~ ================ This time, Lan volunteered to enter the palace and directly asked to enter the Funing Palace to accompany the empress. Outsiders only said that she had a heart and was willing to stay with the empress in the Funing Palace. However, Zhao Defang, Zhao Guangyi, and Zhao Dezhao had very different minds. Zhao Defang, who knew the true background of Lan, was frightened all day after she could not dissuade Lan, fearing that she would do something perverse. Zhao Guangyi, who also knew the true background of Lan, was suspicious of her purpose. In addition, he learned from Zhao Pu that Lan had been looking for him. He began to doubt whether Lan knew the purpose of Zhao Pu’s return to Beijing and wanted to threaten him. Therefore, he was more careful about Lan. Although Zhao Dezhao did not know that Lan was no longer Princess Deqing, he also suspected that the reason why Lan entered the palace was to do something for Zhao Defang, and naturally paid more attention to Lan. Lan is totally regardless of these, how to fight outside the palace she does not want to care, in a few days after the palace change, she must be in the first scene, in front of everyone to arrange everything Zehua. So on the morning of the tenth day of the tenth month, when she was taken away by the carriage sent by the palace to pick up people,plastic pallet manufacturer, she handed Xuer over to Xuaner and walked away without looking back. Lan had not seen Empress Song for four or five months. Although she knew that the reason why the Empress was under house arrest was because of the King of Jin, she also suspected that if the emperor had evidence to prove that the Empress had an affair with the King of Jin and then punished them, it would be impossible to let them go so easily.