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    The old man and Zu Qianqiu were tied to the chair and sealed the acupoint. Hearing Xiaoyi’s exclamation and pleading in the room, they looked at each other and did not know what to do. The two of them were already suspicious when they heard the two Taogu Immortals arguing loudly in the yard. Zu Qianqiu said, “Brother, this must be stopped. I didn’t expect Linghu Chong to be so lascivious. I’m afraid he’s made a big mistake.” “Oh,” said the old man, “it’s all right to spoil my Xiaoyi, but I’m sorry.” “Listen, listen,” said Zu Qianqiu. Your Xiaoyi is affectionate to him, and she says, ‘You’re hurting yourself by doing this.’ What did Linghu Chong say? Did you hear that? “He said,” Why do I hurt myself? I just want you to be good! ‘. He’s — damn it, these two little guys. Zu Qianqiu burst out laughing and said, “Old man, congratulations, congratulations!” “Congratulations to your grandmother,” said the old man angrily. “Why are you angry?” Asked Zu Qianqiu. “Congratulations on getting a good son-in-law.” The old man cried out, “Don’t talk nonsense!”! If this matter is spread, do you and I still have life? When he said these two words, there was great fear in his voice. “Yes, yes,” said Zu Qianqiu. But his voice trembled. Yue Buqun was on the tree outside the wall, even farther apart. Although he carried the “Zixia Divine Skill”,collapsible bulk container, he only heard a scale and a half claw. The two immortals of Taogu and Lao Zu kept talking to his ears. He only said that Linghu Chong really took advantage of the danger of others and was indecent to Xiaoyi girl. Later, he listened to Lao Zu’s reply, thinking that Linghu Chong was handsome and romantic, and that Xiaoyi girl was like her father. If she is an ugly girl like a fat ball, it is not surprising that she falls in love with her after losing her virginity. When Yue Buqun first heard that Linghu Chong had forced Xiaoyi, he planned to rush into the room to stop it. But on second thought, these people, including Linghu Chong, were all mysterious and strange. I don’t know what they were up to,wholesale plastic pallet, but they should not be reckless. They should wait and see what happens. At that moment, they should be self-confident and continue to listen. Suddenly Xiaoyi screamed again, “Don’t, don’t-so much blood, please-” Suddenly someone outside the wall shouted, “Old man, the four ghosts of Peach Valley have been thrown away by me.” With a light sound, someone jumped in from outside the wall, pushed the door in, and it was the man who held the white flag to tease the four immortals of Peach Valley. As soon as he saw that the old man and Zu Qianqiu were tied up on the chair, he was taken aback and cried, “What’s the matter?” As soon as his right hand turned over, there was a brilliant dagger in his palm, and his arm waved a few times, cutting off the rope tied to their hands and feet. Xiaoyi screamed in the room, “You-you-please-you can’t do this anymore.” Hearing Xiaoyi’s urgent cry, plastic pallet manufacturer ,euro plastic pallet, the man exclaimed, “Miss Xiaoyi!” Rushed to the door. The old man was so quick that he grabbed him by the arm and shouted, “Don’t go in!” The man was stunned and stopped. “I think the short wax gourd must be overjoyed to get a son-in-law like Linghu Chong,” said the peach branch fairy in the courtyard. “Linghu Chong is dying, a half-dead son-in-law,” said Tao Shixian. Come on, what’s the joy? “His daughter is dying, too,” said Tao Zhi Xian. “A couple are half dead and half alive.” There was a bang in the room and something fell to the ground. Xiaoyi cried out again. Although her voice was weak, it was full of panic. She shouted, “Dad, Dad, come quickly!” The old man heard his daughter’s call and rushed into the room, only to see Linghu rushed to the ground, a porcelain bowl closed on his chest, his upper body covered with blood, Xiaoyi reclining on the bed, his mouth covered with blood. Zu Qianqiu and the man stood behind the old man, looking at Linghu Chong, looking at Xiaoyi, full of doubts. “Father,” said Xiaoyi, “this, this man has cut a lot of blood and forced me to drink two bowls. He, he still wants to cut.” The old man’s surprise was no small matter. He quickly bent over to help Linghu Chong up. In the wound on his right wrist, blood was flowing freely. As soon as he rushed out of the room and took the medicine, he was so flustered that although he was in his own room, his forehead was still swollen on the door frame, but half of the door frame collapsed by him. Tao Zhi Xian only said that he was beating Linghu Chong and shouted, “Hey, old man, Linghu Chong is a good friend of the Six Immortals of Taogu. You can’t beat him any more.”. If you kill him, the six immortals of Peach Valley will tear your fat into strips. “Wrong, wrong,” said Tao Shixian. “What’s wrong?” Asked Tao Banxian. “If he had lean meat all over his body,” said Tao Shixian, “he could have torn it into strips. It was all fat meat, and once torn, it would have collapsed into a mess of paste. How could he tear it into strips?” Chapter 40 Leader of the Five Immortals The old man also ignored the nonsense of the two of them. He quickly applied Jinchuang medicine to the wound on Linghu Chong’s wrist, and then massaged several acupoints between his chest and abdomen for a long time. Linghu Chong woke up leisurely. The old man calmed down a little and said, “Mr. Linghu, you-this thing really made us fall to pieces, too-alas-too-” Zu Qianqiu also said, “Mr. Linghu, the old man tied you up just now. It was all a misunderstanding. How could you take it seriously? Doesn’t it make him feel ashamed? Linghu Chong smiled and said, “My internal injuries can’t be cured by a panacea. With the kindness of the elder, I took the elder’s’Eight Pills for Life Continuation ‘for me to take. That’s really a waste.” At this point, he felt dizzy and fainted again because of excessive blood loss. The old man picked him up, walked out of his daughter’s boudoir, and lay down on the bed in his own room. “What should I do?” He asked with a sad face? So what to do? “Mr. Linghu has lost a lot of blood,” said Zu Qianqiu. “I’m afraid his life is already in an instant. How about the three of us spending our lives cultivating ourselves and injecting our internal forces into his body?” “Of course,” said the old man. Gently picked up Linghu Chong’s body,plastic trash bins, and pressed the palm of his right palm against the big push point of his vest. As soon as he was lucky, his whole body shook and crackled, and a wooden chair he was sitting on was crushed to pieces. It turned out that he had touched the True Qi of the Six Immortals of Peach Valley and the Monk Bujie in Linghu Chong’s body. The internal force of the seven men was so strong that the old man could not stand it.