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    Xiao Xun got up slowly and walked to the river. The river ran along the street. At this corner, it turned a corner with the small street and went straight ahead. About a mile away, it arrived at Shen’s special wharf. Looking back at Uncle Ho who was following him, “What kind of Wupeng boat is it?” He Bo considered how to explain: “.” It’s the most common kind, the most common waterway here. It’s all right to transport goods and people. Here, like that one. Xiao Xun followed Ho Bo’s direction and saw a Wupeng boat coming slowly through the mist. A man lifted the curtain, walked from the cabin to the bow, looked around with great interest, then threw his long braid happily, jumped up to the roof with a whoosh, and sat down without any image. Talk and laugh loudly, make public freely, very uncomfortable. It was a graceful figure dressed in deep blue flowers on a white background, dressed like many small Jaspers here,foldable bulk container, looking no more than sixteen or seventeen years old, with a straight and delicate face, a pair of unusually smart big eyes embedded in the face, moving in the mist, and a striking long black braid hanging behind him.. Xiao Xunyi’s Wupeng boat was indeed the most common kind of Wupeng boat he had ever seen. I couldn’t find any special place,spill plastic pallet, so I turned around and planned to go back to the breakfast shop. I heard a sound behind me, followed by a loud sound, and I couldn’t hold back my curiosity to turn around. The girl, who had been happy just now, was now trapped in a pile of black tarpaulins and was in a hurry to get up. Come to think of it, the roof of the Wupeng boat is only used to shelter from the wind and rain on weekdays, not for people to sit on. It can’t support the weight of people, and it has collapsed! It’s no good to be crazy. Xiao Xun muttered in the bottom of his heart and finally burst out laughing. Laughing made the man on the boat glare at each other! I can only glare at each other. The poor man was still struggling wrapped in a pile of tarpaulins. An unmanned Wupeng boat drifted in the river and soon began to spin and hit the banks on both sides. Still not.. Xiao Xun shook his head dejectedly and tested it several times. It was impossible for a Wupeng boat without a boatman to reach the Shen family dock without any obstacles in full view of the public as it had done that morning. Is it really a ghost, as people say? The next day, it was a misty morning. Xiao Xun is wandering along the quietly flowing river. A Wupeng boat came quietly and slowly along the river. Xiao Xun looked at it with some annoyance and suddenly froze. There was no boatman in the boat, collapsible pallet box ,stackable plastic pallets, but it went straight ahead smoothly and quietly! He jumped on the boat without hesitation, and there was really no one! There’s no one inside or out. But the boat was still moving forward very smoothly in the mist, slowly, slowly approaching the Shenjia pier! Xiao Xun almost cried out! In the hazy mist, a figure squatted faintly on the dock and was busy with something. Xiao Xun immediately lifted his breath and jumped, and soon fell beside the man. The man was so frightened that he jumped up and almost fell down the river from the dock. His long braid suddenly rose and brushed Xiao Cong’s cheek like an insect, which made him itch unbearably. A light green spring shirt flew gently with the wind, and his flexible big eyes looked at Xiao Xun with some surprise. Isn’t this the unlucky guy who fell into the tarpaulin yesterday? Xiao Xun recognized the girl who jumped to the top of the Wupeng boat yesterday and was very surprised. Isn’t this the big fool who always crashed the Wupeng boat into the shore yesterday? The girl retorted. Xiao Xun suddenly stuffy, no light on the face, so she saw yesterday? “What are you doing sneaking around here?” At first, when I saw the ghost Wupeng boat, I was shocked and finally calmed down. Xiao Xun said, “Is it related to this girl?”? What are you doing sneaking around on the boat! You almost scared me to death! The girl is obviously more sharp-tongued than Xiao Xun. This ship.. Is it your masterpiece? “How did you get it to the dock without a pilot?” Xiao Xun couldn’t help being curious. The girl smiled contemptuously. “Why should I tell you?”? Who are you to me? Xiao Xun’s chest was stuffy and he blushed. He had been at home for twenty years and had little contact with strangers. When he first got involved in Jianghu, he didn’t know how to associate with strangers, not to mention that the other party was a woman. I just want you to tell me.. Because this is very important to me! Xiao Xun lowered his posture and softened his voice. The girl turned her head and said, “Important?”? What do you have to do with Shen Rujun? Xiao Xun hesitated for a moment and shook his head hesitantly: “No.” Only I can’t tell you that yet. The girl looked at the simple and honest big man in front of her and said, “I know even if you don’t tell me.”. Last month, the Shen family, together with the Wulin League, issued a notice to the world’s heroes that if anyone could solve the case and catch the murderer, he would not only be personally received by the leader of the League and become famous all over the world, but also be rewarded with a thousand taels of silver, and Shen Rujun, the daughter of the great beauty, would also commit herself to marriage.. You either want to be famous, or for money, or for that beauty! Xiao Xun is stupefied: “Is there such a thing?” The girl was a little disdainful: “You don’t have to pretend to be aloof.”. Men are all the same. South Shen and North yuan, Shen Wan is a famous beauty in Jianghu. You didn’t see it? As the news spread, how many men crowded into the town? Up to a 70-year-old white-haired old man, down to a seven-year-old child.. Xiao Xun said, “No wonder this town is so crowded. If I didn’t have a few more ingots of silver, I wouldn’t be able to find a place to live..” “Still pretend!” The girl was obviously more contemptuous of Xiao Xun’s lack of confession and turned her head to ignore him. Are you sure.. It shouldn’t be for the daughter of the Shen family. Why are you so interested in this matter? Xiao Xun quickly changed the subject. Girl tilted her head: “Me?”? Think it’s funny.. You don’t find the whole thing funny? Besides, it’s a good chance to be famous all over the world. Besides,heavy duty plastic pallet, you can make money. Fools are not interested. Strange is strange, why don’t you find it interesting at all? Hurt oneself all the way from the western regions to the south of the Yangtze River. Xiao Xun scratched his head and asked again, “How did this ship get on the dock?” Xiao Xun cut to the chase again. The girl took a sly look at Xiao Xun. “Do you really want to know?” Xiao Xun nodded seriously: “Please give me some advice.” 。