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    “Hello, Jian Dongping.” Her voice was furtive. Is there any news? He asked hurriedly. It turned out that Inspector Yue and Lu Jin were missing together. They had a car accident and the car fell into a river. Now it has been fished out, but there is no one in the car. Ling Ge paused. Jane Dongping imagined that she was looking around to see if anyone was eavesdropping on her. After a while, her voice rang again. “Now the case has been handed over to Inspector Yue’s boss.”. I also heard a comment that they seemed to suspect that Inspector Yue had colluded with Lu Jin and that he had deliberately let Lu Jin run away. “No way.” Chien Dongping felt that this suspicion was sheer nonsense. Yue Cheng gave him the impression that he was mature and capable and had a strong desire to succeed. A person like that would never risk sacrificing his future to conspire with a prisoner. I don’t believe it either, but they’re all talking about it at the precinct. It seems that Yue Cheng probably went back to his hometown with Lu Jin. What are they going to do next? Chien Dong-ping asked. They are going to Lu Jin’s hometown and will send someone there this afternoon. “They should have notified the local police?” “Notice, let the other side cooperate, this is the old rule.”. That’s their place. By the way, they also said that the higher authorities had ordered that if Lu Jin refused to surrender this time, he would be shot on the spot, and then Inspector Yue would be brought back for examination. Shot on the spot?! Chien Tung-ping felt a chill in his heart. Is your information reliable? “Of course it’s reliable. Do you remember my classmate Xiaomei?” “The one with all the stars in the sky?”? What’s wrong Don’t be so mean! There are not many freckles on his face! She’s dating one of Inspector Yue’s men. The news must be right. Ling Ge’s voice suddenly dropped. “My colleague is here. I have to hang up.” “Thank you, Xiao Ge. I’ll buy you a spiced duck neck tonight.” Jian Dongping said with a smile. Spicy, please. Ling Ge said hurriedly and hung up the phone. Jian Dongping immediately dialed Qiu yuanyuan’s cell phone. They had a car accident? She was frightened. Don’t worry. He should be fine, otherwise he can’t send the package. Besides,collapsible pallet box, the coat I gave him can be used as a life jacket in case of need. “He’s not good at swimming. I don’t know if the river is deep. I’m afraid.” After a while, she said, “Do you know how he learned to swim?”? Once his girlfriend quarreled with him and pushed him into the river when he was not paying attention. He swam up desperately and learned to swim. Before that, he said he was a landlubber. Qiu yuanyuan’s voice was angry and sad. His girlfriend is really not a thing! Jian Dongping scolded in his heart. But he said to her in a relaxed tone: yuan yuan, don’t mention the past again. I’m calling to tell you that they have sent someone to his hometown and have contacted the local police. “He paused.” If Lu Jin is willing to surrender, of course,drum spill pallet, it’s best, but if he refuses this time, he may be shot on the spot. ” “She immediately became nervous.” He wouldn’t have turned himself in. If he had, he wouldn’t have run away. ” “I think so, too, but the police will surround the whole farm.”. So it’s not easy for them to get away with it. “What then?” Qiu yuanyuan panicked a little. Lu Jin must know how to escape. He grew up there. You can contact him. Didn’t I forward his text message to you? It has his cell phone number on it. “I’ve already called. It’s not his cell phone. He borrowed it from someone else.” “His mobile phone must have fallen into the river,” Jian Dongping thought. “Don’t worry, let me contact the donkey friends in Anhui first to see if I can think of a way.” “No, I know what to do.” Qiu yuanyuan suddenly calmed down. How do you do that? “He once gave me an oil painting of the location of his home, plastic pallet crates ,plastic pallet containers, and he said that when he died, if I missed him, I could go to his hometown.”. He used different colors to mark the road he had traveled on the painting, “Qiu yuanyuan said.” I have been to his house, and more than once. I know his route, and I know how to get out of the farm. ” “yuan yuan, you’re the only one who can save him now.” After listening to her words, he felt very touched, he did not expect that in the past few years, she had secretly visited his home, at that time she was what kind of mood, he can fully imagine. I think so. Qiu yuanyuan seemed to nod his head and then added, “But it’s strange why they suddenly did this to him. Didn’t they expect him to help solve the case?” “So I think we were right last time. Maybe Mr. Gangster is a man of status and status, and maybe he’s wearing a police uniform.” “Hum, want to call Lu Jin to die, not so easy!”! I must pull out his fox tail! She said ferociously, “I have designed the questionnaire, and I will send it to them as soon as I come back.” “Be careful. You’d better disguise yourself as a man. Don’t let anyone recognize you!” He reminded her, but unexpectedly she retorted: “How can I dress up as a man when I go to see him?” I can’t stand you! Just knock Yue Cheng unconscious as soon as you see him, and then take Mr. Lu to the hotel to do a big job, maybe you can give him a baby next year. He laughed at her. Ha ha ha. Not a bad idea, James. Qiu yuanyuan laughed. I was joking. You know, your joke made me cry! Bastard She scolded, and then said softly, “I don’t know how many times I can see him in my life, so I can see him as many times as I can.” I’m really just kidding, yuan yuan. Don’t be too impulsive. He felt very sad, but then he remembered the motto printed on the front page of the camping club charter-life is about experience, yes, even if the time is short, once experienced is a kind of harvest. Now he found that this sentence was quite appropriate for Qiu yuanyuan and Lu Jin, so he said: Come on,ibc spill containment pallet, it’s not good to hold it. You can be impulsive if you want. I won’t advise you. Anyway, pay attention to safety. Of course, I’m not talking about the kind of security you two have when you’re together. 。