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    “Wait, Xiaowen.” “What else?” “I have a visitor who has asked to see you.” “I have an appointment with Ms. Li.” “You don’t have to be so chaste.” “During this period of time —” “Everyone is a guest. I don’t want to offend anyone. They just want to see you.” The young man hesitated. “Where did you ask me?” “You can rest assured that I won’t ask you to wait for someone in the back alley of the three-regardless zone in the early morning. It’s a flower shop in a big hotel.” The young man promised to go. The flower shop was small, but colorful and fragrant. The salesgirl saw a handsome young man come in and hurried forward to greet him. What flowers do you choose, sir? Somehow his face turned red first. White fragrant flowers. “There is just a bunch of Lily of the valley here.” A small bunch as big as a palm. This flower is called a Lily in the valley by foreigners. The small white flower as big as a fingernail looks like a bell. The clerk wrapped it in soft paper for him. Young people pay cash. Suddenly he felt that someone was watching him. The flower shop was surrounded by large glass, completely transparent, and someone stood outside the glass and looked at him carefully, like a greedy child looking at the candy in the glass bottle. Candy is still wearing only a white cotton T-shirt and blue trousers today, with her jacket draped over her shoulders. Holding the flower, he raised his head, smiled at the lady, pointed to his chest, pushed open the glass door and came out. The lady gazed at him with a touch of desolation on her pale, thin face. “You are Chinese,” she asked. He handed her the flowers. “Call me Xiaowen.” She took the flower, her eyes were very impatient,Precision steel tubes, and she put out her other hand and pressed it to his chest. The young man hurriedly stopped halfway, shook her hand and put it down. She returned the flowers to him. “When are you free?” “Please contact the travel agency.” “Okay,” she said, “I’ll do that.” Without saying a word, she turned away. Looks like an old hand. The young man laughed and was about to leave when suddenly a figure flashed and someone rushed at him. As soon as the man raised his hand, the young man reacted so quickly that he grabbed his coat and put it in front of his head and face. In a flash of lightning,impact beam tubes, the man had escaped. The young man smelled a smell of corrosion, someone screamed, and he hurried out of the door before the hotel guards arrived. The coat saved him. A few splashes of solvent on his arm had eaten away his muscles, but after the doctor’s treatment, it was all right. The doctor is familiar friend, say gently with him: “Walk Later, see left see right, see what person there is behind.” The young man nodded. When the director received the report, he rushed to the clinic and saw that the young man’s face was unharmed. He breathed a sigh of relief, then lit a cigarette, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,precision welded tubes, took a puff, and came to examine the wound. She did not speak, and for a moment she stopped smoking and left. The doctor smiled. “She’ll find someone to settle the account.” The young man did not speak until this time, and he was talking about a topic that had nothing to do with himself: “In fact, she has earned enough. In this industry, no one has a better income than her. She could have retired long ago. Why should she work so hard?” The doctor answers: “What to do after retiring, open a kindergarten?” “To retire is to do nothing.” “She’ll be bored. It’s a pity not to do a job she’s so good at.” On that day, the young man asked Li Biru for leave. I’ll make up one day for you. “Well, I’m going to talk to you about renewing my contract.” It’s too early to say. We’ll talk about it later. Maybe your mind will be different when the contract is about to expire. He was so tired that he fell asleep. Soon he woke up and felt pain in the injured part of his arm. When he opened the gauze, he saw that the blood had dried up and there were only a few black holes left. It was terrible. He was patient with the painkillers. While listening to the music and thinking, who is it? Who would want to kill his dog. Then he heard a commotion outside the door. He went to open the door. It’s the administrator. “Mr. Shi, this young lady is trying a bunch of keys outside your door one by one, saying that your friend wants to come in and get something back.” Behind the administrator stood Xie Weixing, a little shriveled, don’t turn your face, don’t look at him. Administrator urges: “Stone Gentleman, if you do not know her, I report police station immediately.” “Wait a minute. She is my friend. She mixed up the keys, please.” He gave him a tip. The administrator loosened Xie Weixing’s hand and left immediately. The young man looked at Xie Weixing and suddenly smiled. She glared at him. “What are you laughing at?” “Laugh that you really live up to the good name your parents have chosen for you. Your great deeds are stealing by rats and dogs.” Xie Weixing was angry and turned away. The young man stopped her. “Didn’t you try to get into the house?” She stopped walking. There’s nothing in the room. You can come in and have a good look so that you can die. “Is there any coffee?” “That’s true.” The kitchen was full of food, especially all kinds of wine, and boxes were placed on the floor. Xie Weixing picked up a bottle of Chianti, drank it by himself, and found all kinds of sausages in the refrigerator, which were immediately used to sandwich bread. As she chewed, she said, “It’s all right to hang it on my mother’s account.” The young man shook his head and sighed, “Why should it be our duty to harm others?” Xie Weixing disagreed. “You are not the kind of person who will be hurt.” He pulled her into the living room and opened all the drawers, which were empty. And let her go into the room to check, there are only simple clothes in the wardrobe, there is a newspaper on the bedside table, that’s all. Xie Weixing is surprised, everyone has external things, can control the amount of debris so low, it is really a kind of art. Have you seen enough? You can go now. “Well, you don’t even have a bookshelf. No wonder. You don’t need to be literate in your line of work.” He carried her to the door. “Goodbye.” “My handbag is leaking in your living room.” “Nonsense,stainless steel 304 pipes,” said the young man. “What handbag are you carrying?” “I have infinite curiosity about you. Let’s talk about it.” “With the addresses and telephone numbers of many travel agencies in the Yellow Pages, you are sure to be satisfied.” “Hey, you should be humble to women. Why are you calling me alone?” “Don’t let me see you again.” “You will see me.” Xie Weixing said stubbornly. The door is closed.