Transfer Acceptance Rates at US News Top 50 – 2012

Students Entering Fall 2012*

US News
2Princeton UniversityN/AN/AN/A
1Harvard University1.04%1,44815
3Yale University2.68%97026
4Columbia University6.22%2,365147
5.1Stanford University2.25%1,51234
5.2University of Chicago2.22%99122
7.1Duke University10.68%33736
7.2Massachusetts Institute of Technology5.51%45425
7.3University of Pennsylvania9.40%2,096197
10.1California Institute of Technology2.34%2145
10.2Dartmouth College3.75%79930
12.1Johns Hopkins University8.31%1,07189
12.2Northwestern University12.33%1,435177
14.1Brown University5.60%1,75098
14.2Washington University in St. Louis5.83%1,38981
16Cornell University20.59%3,579737
17Vanderbilt University26.14%1,385362
18.1Rice University15.04%58588
18.2University of Notre Dame36.94%509188
20.1Emory University32.00%1,203385
20.2Georgetown University13.67%2,063282
20.3University of California-Berkeley21.56%15,7543,397
23.1Carnegie Mellon University10.29%76879
23.2University of California-Los Angeles27.96%18,9235290
23.3University of Southern California33.39%8,2812,765
23.4University of Virginia36.88%2,427895
23.5Wake Forest University22.01%35979
28.1Tufts University23.40%829194
28.2University of Michigan-Ann Arbor34.73%3,8441,335
30University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill42.82%3,1691,357
31Boston College10.90%2,019220
32.1Brandeis University34.85%571199
32.2College of William and Mary43.92%929408
32.3New York University24.02%6,0671,457
32.4University of Rochester29.22%1,037303
36Georgia Institute of Technology40.48%1,823738
37.1Case Western Reserve University23.57%40395
37.2Pennsylvania State University-University Park41.70%1,993831
39.1University of California-Davis58.22%13,1807,673
39.2University of California-San Diego44.99%15,2696,869
41.1Boston University28.60%3,8291,095
41.2Lehigh University35.96%470169
41.3Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute59.73%452270
41.4University of California-Santa Barbara49.89%13,3696,670
41.5University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign49.81%4,4032,193
41.6University of Wisconsin-Madison45.91%4,3672,005
47.1University of Miami58.90%2,6451,558
47.2Yeshiva University69.61%10271
49.1Northeastern University47.19%3,0641,446
49.2University of California-Irvine42.68%15,4156,579
49.3University of Florida41.01%5,9962,459

Data sources:,, school websites

*Some notes:

Why Fall 2012? US News releases its Top 50 every September, based on information from the previous fall. So these transfer stats for students transferring and starting school Fall 2012 is for the US News Top 50 rankings released September 2013.

Why these schools? They happen to be the Top 50 National Universities according to US News. We wanted a sampling of the most popular schools that students might be curious about. Keep in mind there are about 2,500 four-year colleges in the US.

As with all statistics, take them with a grain of salt. The numbers change each year, and, if you can make a strong case for transferring, your odds will be much better than what you see here (and, of course, the opposite is true too).