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Introductory sentences: examples

If the applicant has a connection to the employer that goes beyond the norm, this could bring the decisive plus points:
Dear Mr. / Ms. X,
When I was about two and a half years old I put my first Bahlsen biscuit in my mouth and was completely overwhelmed. I still want to eat the cookies today. But I’d rather sell it. My five-year business administration degree, in which I specialized in marketing and completed my master’s degree, gave me the necessary expertise.

How do you show that you have a passion for the job? This introductory – resume writing services – sentence application would be one possibility:
Dear Mr. / Ms. X,
I studied at university for five years and continued to deepen my business knowledge. Now I want to finally put it into practice. I’m dying to put my passion for an international company like yours into the balance …

Not every applicant is a perfect fit – professional resume writers near me – for the company. In this case it is different:
Dear Mr. / Ms. X,
Your company is also looking for attractive foreign markets in order to grow. Your company recently opened a branch in Hanoi, according to the press. My parents are both Vietnamese, I myself was born and raised in Berlin. I speak both German and Vietnamese fluently and am at home in both cultures. I could imagine that, with my language skills and my intercultural know-how, I would fit very well into your team …

Values compass
An applicant’s goals and values are of great interest to employers. They allow conclusions to be drawn about the cultural fit. Write your cover letter to , it will give you to the employer to approach you a company or not. You can make it quickly with the cover letter for career change service. In this case it is positive:
Dear Mr. / Ms. X,
yes, it’s true: I am a little do-gooder. I have been actively involved in environmental protection since my youth and for these reasons I studied environmental engineering. In my job, too, I want to achieve something meaningful in this regard – preferably as an environmental engineer in your company.

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