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    But to the disappointment of Guo Jingtian, no one stood up to echo Guo Jingtian. These people are invited by Changkongwu, yes, but they are not here because of the face of Changkongwu, but because of the Shadow Temple. Without the Shadow Temple, Changkongwu does not have such a big face. They come here for their own…[Read more]

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    After the headmaster gave a military salute, he succinctly explained the reason for holding the meeting: the school had appointed a new instructor. He never said who this man was, but the merits were told by him, and the cadets all showed a look of worship. So powerful, it must be for the big man! “Let’s welcome…[Read more]

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    “I just got the news!” The president of the Holy Light Chamber of Commerce, who is in charge of all the finances of the church, said suddenly: “The Dragon Lord has bet heavily on himself with 4 ooo gold coins, which is the biggest bet we have received in thousands of years!”! I think this is very telling! If he is not…[Read more]

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    Ye Qing simply spread out all the assets on hand, and the two of them discussed for a while and had a charter before they went to bed. The next morning, Tang Fang cooked a pot of fermented glutinous rice dumplings, beat three eggs, spread out four vegetable cakes with grain powder and zucchini and carrot shreds, and cut Tang…[Read more]

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    You think you can get into my life this way? You think you can control my life in such a way? It’s not even legal! Do you think I think it’s funny to stand here and listen to your ridiculous’for my own good ‘rant?! This is all because of you! If you hadn’t gotten drunk in a bar and hooked up with my mother. If you hadn’t…[Read more]

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    Because it clearly knows how much Chu Miaoli cares about her grandfather, old man Chu, and believes that even for her grandfather, she will do her best to complete the task it entrusted to her. Chu Miaoli was dumbfounded by the promise of the system. I said how could you be so considerate this time that you would take the…[Read more]

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    The text knows it Special yuan Lie saw yuan Luo finished eating tremella soup, also did not say what to say, let him have a good rest, carrying two empty bowls out. Yin Jili looked at yuan Lie’s back, then looked back at yuan Luo, and saw him leaning on the back of his chair, staring at the table in a daze. For a long…[Read more]

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    “I’m not abandoning you. I just feel a little upset.” Jin Yixuan explained: “Maybe it’s because the pressure is too great!”! This film is only supported by my own traffic, which is obviously not as good as.. Oh, stop talking. “Yes!”! I’m not as popular as your ex-fiancee! Then why did you choose me? Gu Fanfan bit his…[Read more]

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    “Where is this?” Zhan Feng asked doubtfully. You need to lie down! The two ancestors have said that you haven’t fully recovered yet, you have to have a good rest for two days, and when the injury is healed, you can get up! The little butterfly hurriedly and gently pressed Zhanfeng back to the bed and said softly. Ancestor,…[Read more]

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    It was a young girl, wearing a wide sportswear uniform of Linjiang No.5 Middle School and a ponytail. The simplest dress, however, could not hide the girl’s increasingly beautiful face, and she soon attracted the attention of the woman who was enjoying the cool at her own door. Xiaoxi is back. Why is school so…[Read more]

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