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    Lingling nodded solemnly, but Longlong could not bear it any longer. She sobbed and turned to run away! From the beginning to the end, Gu Ling didn’t say a word or even shed tears. When Gu Yun looked at her, she only said coldly, “Don’t worry, I won’t say anything.” Then he looked at the surface of the pool in silence,…[Read more]

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    “Nine Yin War Spirits!” Su Ming looked dignified, his right hand in front of a fierce wave, immediately on the back of his hand that ghost mark flashed violently, a bloodthirsty laugh, Su Ming on the back of the mark disappeared, endless sky, there is a red thunder out of thin air, roaring down. The thunder came from the end of…[Read more]

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    Speaking of the fight between the journalism boys and our philosophy boys caused by the little demon, please note that I use the fight here instead of anything else, which means the struggle between the partners. The reason why I regard the journalism department and the boys of our department as a group is that two years…[Read more]

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    For one thing, she felt uncomfortable and had no strength to speak. Second, she has no ability to change her voice, and there is no way to change her voice into another person. Although she knew that Quan Shaohuang and Tang Yu had recognized her, she just didn’t want to make a sound and put herself in a dilemma. At least this…[Read more]

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    “Ah..” He Wei’s white face was so frightened that he shivered and immediately retreated from her body. “No, he won’t die.” He dared not approach. Listening to the inside has no movement, Mu Ziyan can no longer endure, loudly roared: “He Wei, you listen, if you want your wife to know what you’re doing outside, you can stay…[Read more]

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    The two of them concentrated and heard every word they said clearly. Just listen to a thin man way: “Tell me, who has a better chance of winning the election of the Qing Emperor next year?” Another man with a pale face said in a strange tone, “Gu Hou Sheng, I think anyone is possible, but you, the single Lord of Zimu City,…[Read more]

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    Yin Tianxi’s words, Yin Qifeng has a strong complaint, because Yin Tianxi can not forgive, because of Yin Qifeng’s negligence, Yin Tianxi soul to the West. Had it not been for her appearance, Yin Tianxi would have disappeared from the world. Is there such a husband and mother in the world? “You don’t regret it?” Yin Qifeng’s eyes fixed…[Read more]

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    Suddenly, Qiu Lie lowered his head and kissed the small mouth of the spy. He sighed helplessly at her mouth: “You still don’t make people worry.” “Well..” Luoluo gave Qiu Lie a sanitary eye, but he was still satisfied to accept such a hard kiss. In other words, she has been used to her husband’s habit of kissing her at every…[Read more]

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    So Miao Fengwu thought for a moment and said to Empress Dowager Wei, “I think that since the emperor has sent me to visit the Empress Dowager, I must still be thinking about the Empress Dowager.”. I believe that the queen mother is the same mind, nurturing grace and kinship is not so easy to cut off, just like drawing a…[Read more]

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